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    Weezie got a reaction from Crabapple in Completed Week 6   
    So true about conquering the mental block.  I start week 8 in the morning, January 28th.  28 minutes straight running.   I don't know what I want to do after the program.  Maybe go back to week 5 and run program for the distance instead of time.  I am slow.  My 5k is at the end of march... 
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    Weezie got a reaction from Crabapple in Starting running in your 60's   
    Louis, did you keep with it?  Or did you look for a different 10k training program?
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    Weezie got a reaction from Crabapple in Is it possible to dial down the intensity of C25K?   
    Slowing your speed down helps.  If you find it hard this week... do what you can and redo the week more than once until you can.
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    Weezie reacted to PG0078 in Completed Week 6   
    Today have completed week 6 and ran (rather jog) for 24 mins straight without break. Though could do 3 kms in 24 mins. Week 5 run was more difficult on first attempt but repeated it and was successful. But today uninterrupted run was better as had energy and strength to run for another 5-6 mins. Earlier was dead tired and out of breath but today was exhausted but still not reached the brink. The biggest advantage was "Mental Block". At start of every run when the levels were elevated , there was a voice which kept telling me " no you cant do it, its too hard, take it easy , donot over-exert ". This was specially on the uninterrupted runs when I was told  "its ok take a break , you will not last that long as its too difficult"and I was scared to even try. I have realized that more than the physical , the mental state demotivates you but you need to conquer this Block. It was more pleasing to prove that voice wrong constantly telling me to give up. Its been a difficult journey for me since last year where I was 260 lbs + and today I am 215 lbs. I still have another 30lbs to lose to come to my ideal weight. C25K has also along with others has provided me the boost and motivation in my journey. I am able to do things that I couldnt even think earlier. I am now able to set more goals and feel more confident in achieving them than ever before.
    The next immediate milestone will be a 5K race by the end of Feb which I aim to complete in 35  mins. Last year when I competed for the same, I had completed the same race in 57 mins hence want to return back with a vengeance. 
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    Weezie reacted to Shulamit1951 in Preparing for half-marathon run-walk... at age 67 ;-)   
    Yep, I'm 67, and feeling more and more fit ;-). My family is very active, and I've completed maybe 8 or 9 half-marathons before as a *walker* (once as a very  'disorganized' run/walker...).  But haven't done one in 3 years-- I thought I preferred 5K's.  But my husband really wanted to plan on the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon on May 5, 2019, so I'm doing it too ;-). I'm using the 13.1 app, and have just completed week 1... and I absolutely LOVE this plan!!! This will be my first time using a run/walk plan like this-- and I feel energized and EXCITED for every workout ;-). 
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    Weezie reacted to Jennifer32960 in My lazy a$$!   
    Thank you for the encouragement!  I did play pickleball yesterday so that was a good start! Do you guys play pickleball over there??
    Feeling better so I'll run today or tomorrow! 
    How's your running going?  Still going well? 
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    Weezie reacted to Angedy in My lazy a$$!   
    I had to Google it never heard of it, it does sound good. Glad your feeling a bit better. 
    My run this morning was good. Tomorrow morning will be week two run two. 
    You enjoy your next run, just take it as it comes. Good luck 
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    Weezie reacted to Shulamit1951 in My lazy a$$!   
    That's the way to prepare for really DOING IT ;-)
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    Weezie reacted to Angedy in My lazy a$$!   
    You are not giving up, just having a wee rest, once u feel better start again, but try not to give yourself a hard time, you will get there. Hope you feel better soon. 
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    Weezie reacted to Jennifer32960 in My lazy a$$!   
    I had to take a break from running for a couple of days due to illness.  : (
    I'm gonna have to start over basically.  But I don't wanna give up!!
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    Weezie reacted to Jennifer32960 in My lazy a$$!   
    My run went well! It hurt less than the last one! Lol
    That's a good tip. Dont focus on the next week just the next run! One step at a time.
    Happy running!! 
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    Weezie reacted to Tammy Pallotta in New to Running   
    Hi. I am a seasoned “walker”. I have been walking an hour on the treadmill elevated to level 10 (3 days per week) for about 2 years. But I have decided that I’d really like to run a 5k or maybe even farther. The walking has helped me lose about 20 lbs and feel healthier but I still need to lose the last few stubborn pounds. Hoping that starting to run will assist in that (even though the calories burned is less in the beginning, I am aiming for a bigger goal) .That said, Day 1 complete.  
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    Weezie reacted to Stacey2017 in Week 6, day 3.... so hard!   
    I finished week 8 and the C25K programme a few weeks back now. I am now running two 5K runs per week and really enjoying it. So pleased as I never dreamed I'd be able to do this a few months ago :-)
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    Weezie reacted to Stacey2017 in Week 6, day 3.... so hard!   
    I managed to nail everything up to week 6 day 3. I can get 15 mins through the 22 mins run but then I always seem to run out of steam (my legs just decide enough is a enough) - I'm gutted if I'm honest as I'd been doing so well up until this point. I'll keep trying as I'm sure I'll get there eventually, but any tips would be greatfully received. 
    UPDATE: Finally done it at last! How? by simply slowing my jogging speed a little; that's it  Looking forward to starting week 7 now - 25 min runs here we come :-) 
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    Weezie reacted to Maulik in Completed 30 mins. Thanks C25K   
    Today i completed 30mins  jogging. The pace is still a bit slow. I could do 4kms in 30 mins. But still very much happy coz I couldnt even run 4 mins at start of the program. With balanced diet I also reaped sweet benefits of weight loss. Took me almost 12-14 weeks to reach 30mins. Although there have been some delays due to injury but I did not quit and hence completed it. Since my stamina was too less, alternate day jogging was not sufficient and so I used to jog daily(except Sunday) upto first 5 weeks. Also repeated the week wherever needed. Week 5 is toughest but remember not to quit and repeat if necessary. Every week seemed tough and hard to finish. But the thumb rule was not to quit and repeat until you finish a target week. Dont forget pre and post stretches at it helps prevent injury and helps in recovering. Take a break whenever legs are sore or in deep pain. 
    Best thing about the app is its breakdown to achieve the target. Must say its very skillfully developed. Thanks C25K :-) 
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    Weezie reacted to Richard Hicks in October week one   
    Zen labs app for C25k is really good. I just finished week 4.  It was tough but I did it with no stops!!  Tomorrow I’m starting zen labs 100 push-ups.  I hope it goes ok I just can barely do one push-up!!!   
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    Weezie reacted to Louisdog in Starting running in your 60's   
    I started C25K 8 weeks ago, hoping to do the magic 5K run before I turn 62 in January. I wanted to do it while I still can.
    Today I ran 5K for the first time in 35m10s. I am thrilled.
    Huge thanks to the C25K app. It never asks you to do more than you can do.
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