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  1. That's the way to prepare for really DOING IT ;-)
  2. Yep, I'm 67, and feeling more and more fit ;-). My family is very active, and I've completed maybe 8 or 9 half-marathons before as a *walker* (once as a very 'disorganized' run/walker...). But haven't done one in 3 years-- I thought I preferred 5K's. But my husband really wanted to plan on the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon on May 5, 2019, so I'm doing it too ;-). I'm using the 13.1 app, and have just completed week 1... and I absolutely LOVE this plan!!! This will be my first time using a run/walk plan like this-- and I feel energized and EXCITED for every workout ;-).
  3. woooo-- inspiring story! I wish you wonderful success in this new endeavor *for your life*!!
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