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  1. I finished the c25k app 3 weeks ago. Felt great to finish, but you know what? It feels even greater to keep with it. I have gone back a few weeks and started running for the distance and not the time. It has kept me going with a steady progression and now I absolutely feel ready to start week 9 of the c210k app! My first 5k will be March 23! I love running! My husband has also started running and that makes me happy!! Keep running everyone!!
  2. Weezie

    Training for 10K

    Next week I start week 9 for the c210k app!! We can do this!!
  3. Weezie

    Hello!!! New to Running

    They are right!! You can do this!
  4. Weezie

    Getting ready

    You can do this!
  5. Weezie

    Training for 5K this summer.

    Great! The 5k I want to do is March 23. Another july4th. :-)
  6. Weezie

    Why are you running?

    I am 43, just finished the 8 weeks (It took me way longer than 8 weeks) of the program, but am back tracking to week 6 to do the distance instead of time. Over the last 7 months I have lost 42.6 lbs... about 30 more to go. I have MDD and have to exercise to maintain basic mental stability. You can do this!
  7. Weezie

    Completed Week 6

    So true about conquering the mental block. I start week 8 in the morning, January 28th. 28 minutes straight running. I don't know what I want to do after the program. Maybe go back to week 5 and run program for the distance instead of time. I am slow. My 5k is at the end of march...
  8. Fantastic! Keep is updated!
  9. Weezie

    Triathlon goal

    How did week one go? :-)
  10. Weezie

    First Time Runner

    Normal. Slow down if you have to. Always do a good thorough stretching after. Repeat weeks if you need too. Sometime the mind of Can Do, has to catchup with the body.
  11. Weezie

    New to Running

    Good job.
  12. Weezie

    Do over

    I think when you redo a day it just resets that day... I just finished week 5. YOU CAN DO IT. Give yourself permission to slow your pace for the 20 minute jog... And speed up when you feel your confidence go.... I did week 5 day 1and2 twice before my mind was ready to take on day 3 and the 20 minute jog...
  13. Weezie

    Is it possible to dial down the intensity of C25K?

    Slowing your speed down helps. If you find it hard this week... do what you can and redo the week more than once until you can.
  14. Weezie

    Am I too fat to jog?

    You are not to fat for it. But do start with a week of walking... I am 5ft 4 in. 182lb. Just completed week 5.
  15. Weezie

    Completed 30 mins. Thanks C25K

    Friday I completed week 5!! Can't wait for week 6 and beyond. :-)
  16. Weezie

    Completed 30 mins. Thanks C25K

    Fantastic! I am on week 5. Restarting week 5 tomorrow . I was on vacation for 5 days, came back and did two of the week 5 days and decided to just start the week over, so that day 3 ends on a Friday! I cross train with cycling. Down 35 lbs over 6 months...
  17. Weezie

    October week one

    I am on week 5 for third time! I will get through it this time. Good luck on the pushups!
  18. Weezie

    Why I gotta introduce muhself??

    You don't gotta. I Didnt.
  19. Weezie

    First timer!

    I started at 4 for the jog, and 3 for the walk. At week 5 I started over jogging 5, walking 3....and for the longer times of running I do 4.5 to 5. I just finished week 4. Ultimately speed comes later. If you need to slow down to finish the running parts, then slow down. There is no shame in that. Also repeating weeks is totally fine to. :-)
  20. Weezie

    Starting running in your 60's

    Louis, did you keep with it? Or did you look for a different 10k training program?
  21. Weezie

    Week 4 complete

    How is it going? Did you survive week 5 and 6 now 7?