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  1. Being over 40 years of age and around 260 lbs on the wrong side of scale had completed the C25K program 3 weeks back. Infact did a local marathon for 5K where same was completed in 55:07 mins:sec last year and current was completed in 36:04 mins:secs. And today I am 210lbs and definitely faster due to the app. Though didnot lose the entire weight due in the time using C25K app but definitely accelerated the weight loss. Had never believed that I would be able to run/jog entire 5K ever in my life and was able to do so and surprised a lot of people. Now the next goal for next year is sub 30 min
  2. If you are on a weight loss goal then I suggest what I did . I used to have only 2-3 pcs of almonds 1 walnut 1 Date every time before a run. There were days i didnt have even that ie when I was intermittent fasting. Its difficult in the start but actually the stamina or endurance is not troubled after a couple of weeks and you get used to it. I have realized that 30 to 35 mins runs for a 5K doesnt require you to be on a full stomach . Yes i do have atleast 2 glasses of water half hour before a run which helps me stay hydrated and carry a very small bottle in my pocket incase i need it but requ
  3. Hi ! I too had started week 8 and infact towards the end of it. I am actually doing a little beyond 28 mins and trying to complete 30 mins or 4 Kms. After 2 attempts with timing of around 32 mins approx , I did 4 kms in 30 mins on my third run. I have planned to progressively increase my running time by 5 mins each week and tomorrow would be doing 35 mins while maintaining the speed achieved on the last run. To add to what after C25K , I have downloaded Nike run club which also has different types of runs that varies around. There is focus on increasing speed and also distance in the prog
  4. Today have completed week 6 and ran (rather jog) for 24 mins straight without break. Though could do 3 kms in 24 mins. Week 5 run was more difficult on first attempt but repeated it and was successful. But today uninterrupted run was better as had energy and strength to run for another 5-6 mins. Earlier was dead tired and out of breath but today was exhausted but still not reached the brink. The biggest advantage was "Mental Block". At start of every run when the levels were elevated , there was a voice which kept telling me " no you cant do it, its too hard, take it easy , donot over-exert ".
  5. HI .. I just completed week 5 yesterday and totally agree with you that it was the toughest. The idea of 20 mins jog without break petrified me through out the week. The 5 mins and 8 mins runs were difficult but was proud to complete the 20 mins jog with yes a 30 sec walk. Did not think I could do it but did so. Pace of my work out is also almost same as you and probably tad slower. Now that I crossed week 5 last day I do believe that I have at in me to finish the course. My goal is also the same as yours ie finish 5K in under 40 mins and then work my way to reduce time from there. I am aiming
  6. Hi, use another app Endomondo along with c25k to measure distance and speed. Its accurate and will run alongside c25k. I used it to measure distance/speed and evaluate myself in the given fixed time of C25k how much distance am I covering comfortably. For example , I am on week 4 and am able to cover 1 Km in 8.10 mins vs 8.3 mins in week 3 while running without being totally out of breath and extend myself.
  7. Hi I am 40 year old and was around 260 pounds at the start of April 18 and now currently at 220 lbs. I mainly started gymming and diet control at the beginning. I had a huge gain in terms of loss in the first 4 months and then reached plateau and also started skipping the exercise and eating habits went array. Still didnt gain much and maintained more or less 220 lbs + - 5lbs. Start of december I again started training with a focused goal of reaching 200 lbs by March 2019. This time around I included C25K in my training including gym. My goal is to run a 5K by February under 40 mins. From the
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