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  1. Thats good. Week 5 is crucial. Last day would seem very tough but its possible when you do it and its a good confidence booster. The key is not to take breaks in the program. If any day cannot be done, it should be repeated. I had many previous attempts where i stopped the program. This time i was determined not to skip and hence completed it. Now am working on completing 5k in 40 mins and then in 30 mins before switching over to a bigger plan. Reducing 35lbs over 6 months is awesome. How much do you cycle and at what speed ? I also do cross train with cycling for about 25kms with avg speed of
  2. Today i completed 30mins jogging. The pace is still a bit slow. I could do 4kms in 30 mins. But still very much happy coz I couldnt even run 4 mins at start of the program. With balanced diet I also reaped sweet benefits of weight loss. Took me almost 12-14 weeks to reach 30mins. Although there have been some delays due to injury but I did not quit and hence completed it. Since my stamina was too less, alternate day jogging was not sufficient and so I used to jog daily(except Sunday) upto first 5 weeks. Also repeated the week wherever needed. Week 5 is toughest but remember not to quit and re
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