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  1. Omg sick again! I haven't ran in days! I know I get sick a lot. Intestinal problems. But I won't give up! I hope I get a run in this week.! Good luck on starting the pickleball craze
  2. Oh no!! I'm sorry to hear that! It's difficult to run on ice! I'd be afraid to fall the whole time! Do you get to workout inside at least? My run went well! I'm always a little anxious when it's time to bump up the intensity on C25K. I think today we'll play pickleball! I wish you could play it. It's pretty fun. I especially have fun when I get my hubby running back and forth on the court! Lol he tries to return Every shot! Well I hope you got a run in since Thursday!
  3. Sitting here at my dining room table procrastinating my run! I'm not motivated in the least. That time of the month is not helping! I hope ya'll find all the motivation you need! And send some extra over here! Ok let's do this...
  4. Thank you for the encouragement! I did play pickleball yesterday so that was a good start! Do you guys play pickleball over there?? Feeling better so I'll run today or tomorrow! How's your running going? Still going well?
  5. I had to take a break from running for a couple of days due to illness. : ( I'm gonna have to start over basically. But I don't wanna give up!!
  6. My run went well! It hurt less than the last one! Lol That's a good tip. Dont focus on the next week just the next run! One step at a time. Happy running!!
  7. Greetings to you in Scotland ! Wow . You sound dedicated! That's good. ! I probably wouldn't run in the rain. Tomorrow is running day for me too. It really does help to get the running gear out so you have to go out for a run the next day ! I really hope I can keep this up!!
  8. Same for me tomorrow!! Second run after the hubby goes to work. I'm dreading it because I'm lazy!! Lol. But after I do it I'll be glad I did! I can't complain too much. Its beautiful running weather here in Florida. Where are you running?? Good luck to you. !
  9. I loved running in college. I haven't done it in so long cuz I'm a lazy ass! Here's to a new year and a new you! And trying to get our lazy asses off the couch! I definitely need accountability and motivation! What about you? Happy running!
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