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  1. Angedy

    My lazy a$$!

    Pickleball sounds great, I have asked a few people about it, but no one has heard of it, I might need to start a new craze . I managed a run on Friday night, and ran to work today (Mon) and as long as the ice stays away I'll run tomorrow morning. Yeah I know what u mean, I do too. Today was week 3 run 2. We can do this lol Happy running x
  2. Angedy

    My lazy a$$!

    HI I haven't been able to go running this week , the weather here is so bad, the ice has been a nightmare, hoping, it will mostly be cleared by the weekend. How did your run go?
  3. Angedy

    My lazy a$$!

    I had to Google it never heard of it, it does sound good. Glad your feeling a bit better. My run this morning was good. Tomorrow morning will be week two run two. You enjoy your next run, just take it as it comes. Good luck
  4. Angedy

    My lazy a$$!

    You are not giving up, just having a wee rest, once u feel better start again, but try not to give yourself a hard time, you will get there. Hope you feel better soon.
  5. Angedy

    My lazy a$$!

    If I decided not to run in the rain, I would never run ha ha. But it was fine on Tuesday morning just a wee bit windy and cold. How did your run go? You really can do this, don't think weeks ahead, just concentrate on your next run. Good luck
  6. Angedy

    My lazy a$$!

    I really enjoyed my walk/run this morning to work, even though it was 6 am, on a wet and windy Monday morning. Got all the gear out and ready to do the same tomorrow morning, hope the windy and rain as stopped by then. I live in Scotland.
  7. Angedy

    My lazy a$$!

    We can do this. Second walk/run for me tomorrow morning oh so early, but I'm not going to be put off, got all the running gear out and ready to go.