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  1. I finished week 8 and the C25K programme a few weeks back now. I am now running two 5K runs per week and really enjoying it. So pleased as I never dreamed I'd be able to do this a few months ago :-)
  2. I managed to nail everything up to week 6 day 3. I can get 15 mins through the 22 mins run but then I always seem to run out of steam (my legs just decide enough is a enough) - I'm gutted if I'm honest as I'd been doing so well up until this point. I'll keep trying as I'm sure I'll get there eventually, but any tips would be greatfully received. UPDATE: Finally done it at last! How? by simply slowing my jogging speed a little; that's it Looking forward to starting week 7 now - 25 min runs here we come :-)
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