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Is it possible to dial down the intensity of C25K?

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On the first day of the program, the app requires me to do eight 1 min jogs.  I find this too stenuous and not able to complete the whole 1 min from 4th jog onwards.  Is there a way to dial down the intensity and follow a more gradual plan?  I find that plans from Aptive in Audible is more suitable for beginners, provides encouragement and the background music is awesome as well.




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I was able to do the first day work out even though it was hard. But I did repeat week one before moving to week 2. So I would recommend attempting to do the workout and if you need to back off some of the runs to a brisk walk and repeat the week until you have those 8 runs down. One thing I have found is that the first 2 runs and the last one are the hardest. The ones in between are the easiest because my body is all warmed up. This will increase your stamina. I have been a walker for exercise the past couple of years so this is quite challenging. I just did my week 2 day 1 and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. 

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