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  1. I've run 8 marathons. My ninth was supposed to be the Santa Cruz Surfer's Path marathon. Unfortunately, I overtrained and seriously injured my knee. Then I managed to break my sternum. So I've been in Physical Therapy for a couple of months and am using C25K to get back into running. I'm going to start training soon for the New York City Marathon in November!
  2. Smart goal. I had the same goal for my first marathon, which I did in in 6:21:06. What's the finish time limit for the Portland Marathon? I'm training for my ninth marathon--COVID-19 notwithstanding. Some unsolicited advice: My first few marathons, over the years, I got more obsessed with my time. I've gone full circle. I haven't worn a watch when I'm training and running events.
  3. This. Don't push yourself. Just keep walking when the app prompts you to run, or speed up to a brisk walk at that time, or whatever is comfortable. If you push yourself too hard, you're setting yourself up for injury.
  4. I know somebody who ran her first marathon when she was 50! As far as your heart is concerned I would get some professional advice. Go see your doctor.
  5. Any kind of cross-training--something that uses muscles that you don't use in running: Yoga (calms the mind and body) Swimming - low impact, works every muscle in your body Resistance training of any kind - weight training, squats, crunches, etc. Tai Chi Walking (very different set of muscles than running) Think about getting ankle and/or wrist weights. Static stretching Foam rolling for aches and pains My go-to is fencing. (the sport) It's essentially a marshal art--an excellent full body workout, steadies the mind, and is great cardio!
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