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  1. I made it to middle of week 5 in the latter part of April and stopped to go on Vacation! I really can tell the difference in not being active. I’m starting over tomorrow. I got this
  2. PaulaClara

    Training for April 5k

    Great job! I’m starting over and finishing this time. If you can get up and do it with being sick I know I’ll make it.
  3. PaulaClara

    New to running!!!

    You guys are great thanks for the encouragement.
  4. PaulaClara

    Week 5, Day 3 - WTF!!!

    I’m going to give it my best!
  5. PaulaClara

    New to running!!!

    I started this in February and re-did weeks 1,2 a number of times. I’m now on week 5 Day 3 and nervous about finishing it. I signed up for a 5k May 11 and my goal is to do the best I can. I’m 63 and a lung cancer survivor. I had a upper lobectomy October 2018 so breathing is a challenge. My short term goal is to run the 5k and build my lungs up.
  6. PaulaClara

    Week 5, Day 3 - WTF!!!

    I just finished week 5 Day 2 and seeing what’s coming up is freaking me out. I’ll do what I can and start over if I have to.