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Was nervous but dominated my W2D1 run. Super excited. Can't wait till Wednesday for D2. Can't wait for my first 5k. Drinking a gallon of water a day. Eating healthy. Trying to change my life...good

I will get it done Monday. I have to be able to run 5k by January 1st. I will not walk any of this race. My goal anyways. Ruthie. Now that we're neck and neck it's giving me a little more accounta

Got it done. Feel confident in the 28 minute segments. I mean. What's 3 more min after running 25 minutes haha. Happy running everyone

Just finished week 7. Proud of myself. I ran for 30 minutes today just because. Wasn't to my car and wanted to see what azatol was talking about. So 30 minutes and 2.8 miles. I want to say to anyone that is just starting out. Please don't give up. Completely worth it to fight through and continue the program. Everything in my life has gotten better. Have a much better outlook on everything. I'm proud of myself and the way my body is changing. My wife is proud of me... Just keep going and you will be happy also. Happy running

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Glad everything is going good for you wendell...I'm going to download the 10k app today and get ready for it.....azatol. I will finish the program next Wednesday. What can I do to start working on speed. I really want to do the 5k in 30 minutes or less. I will have 3 weeks to improve time after i finish the program

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Ruthie. Are you going to get the 10k app and do it or stay around the 5k distance. Azatol. Do you think just going into the 10k app will help me with my speed in a 5k event

Sean, yes and no. Speed training is what truly helps you get faster however if you are able to run 6 miles and are only racing 3, you will find that you're not pushing yourself to your distance limit so will naturally run faster as you have to keep less in the tank to go the distance.


Does that make sense?

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