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Today i ran 33 minutes!!!! I cannot believe it!!

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I am so happy to report that although it may be hard to believe, i jogged 33 minutes today! I was supposed to do W7 d3 today but when the voice said "start walking" at minute 28, i still had gasoline left, so i decided to keep running, and so i did until the final 5 minute cool down was finished, and probably i could have ran a bit more, i feel so accomplished

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That is an achievement! I'm

So jealous! Today I ran for 22 minutes and was having negative- giving up thoughts from minute 7 thorough out, I'm being religious about keeping up the required speed but obviously that makes it very hard, I managed to finish but it was the first time since starting this journey that I wondered if I'll ever be able to run a 10k, I did a third of that today and it was harder mentally that physically, I'm just not used to make any unnecessary effort for more than 10 minutes and it's overwhelming to all of a sudden be running for such a long time, I wonder I will get dizzy and fall and what if something happens to me as my body isn't used to this amount of exercise for 22 minutes non stop.. Buff! I'm paranoid, though I used the treadmill as there is too much mud in the mountains where I usually run, and I think it's also harder to run on a treadmill as you don't feel you are making progress, not enough air go thorough your lungs and around your sweaty face.. Very Frustrating!

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