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  1. Speeding sloth, I have to tell you: don't give up but do slow down, if both your knees are hurting, take a few more days until pain is gone, it won't do you any good to run like this. That's exactly what I have done thorough out this program, I began running x3 a week, then when my legs were sore I reduced it to x2 or sometimes even just x1 run a week when required due to soreness, listen to your body, give it a rest, this is all new for our bodies, too fast too soon and you'll have to stop all together, and you'll regret it, I stopped at week 9 of the app as I found that stopping for a minute walk didn't do any good for me, and from then on I just worked by kilometres, did a few 6 km runs , 7 km, 7 km where half the route was going up and the other half down, and then 10k! So much fun! Have you heard of a tape that runners put on their knees?
  2. Hello djplong. That's a hell of a story, thank you for sharing it, put me in a pretty bad light tho, I was just lazy, you... You are an inspiration to me! Your effort was a lot harder than the one I put.. im very happy for you though, I hope that you continue, make good progress and feel happy, where can I find the full thread you mentioned? I'd like to know more about it
  3. Thanks Jane and Rob, I feel this is the beginning of an amazing journey. My poor spoiled baby is going to have to go to nursery
  4. How funny, I like eating myself, that's why I run in the morning and on an empty stomach, that way I don't feel cramp about eating a super duper and calorific breakfast, try it! Don't give up, after the long 20 minute run its starts to feel awesome and you see your self improving in every possible way and feel like you are the best! Try listening to music, Spotify offers a premium 7 day trial so you can listen to whatever you want! Try getting your friends family to run with you, time goes flying then and you don't find yourself thinking of stoping to walk, or giving up half way, cos you're busy talking.. I run on my own this whole time but because I'm always talking about it I found my self two awesome running bodies and it makes such a difference to have people doing it with you, we did our first ever 10k and so far that has been my most pleasant run! Don't give up! C'mon be a man about it!
  5. Hi there, I'm no expert but I can tell you that the heavier you are the more strain on your bones, I wouldn't run every other day, in fact, I weight 72kg, when I started religiously running every other day, my body could not accept it, so most of the times I waited to recover, even if that meant 3-4 days with no running, yesterday, after about 3 months of starting I did my first 10k and today I feel no pain what so ever, I still achieved this goal, only not how it was marked by the app, listening to my heavy body, waiting for my legs to recover, don't rush or you'll hurt your self!
  6. Hello everyone, when I start doing something I know little of, or think I will struggle achieving, it really helps me to find motivation in success stories so here goes one, I hope it gets a few arses off the couches.. I'm going to start telling you that I've never really stuck to anything, I am not very patient and I get demotivated quite quickly, I'm also a very proud person so these all in combination make me a rubbish candidate for success in any resolution I take up. I never liked sports, never mind running, I wouldn't understand why people did it really, I thought it was purely fitness obsession, to look good, I didn't realise anyone could enjoy it. And my kind of joy was in food rather than sports... So back in the summer I met up with a woman probably at least 15 years older than me, she told me about this app, she told me she does 5ks, 10ks.. she told me it was really fun, she assured me "hell yes, you can do it!" When I told her I could not control my breathing when I run, she told me I'd love it, she explained how The app worked (easy peasy), motivated me to try it, I thought "well, if she can do a 10k, really I should be able to do one too" but didn't do anything about that for months, later on in September we adopted a dog, I walk my Lina (Linita&i comes from there) 3x a day, I try for one of the walks to be long, In the mountains (we are surrounded by), I let her free, she loves it, she is a 12mth old German Shepherd (she is full of energy and it makes her the best pet ever when it is drained from her), so during those hour, two hour-walks I thought a lot and I realised I could actually try the app I heard about, wouldn't it be fun to run with my dog in the middle of the mountains? Lose some weight? (That's all I thought, honestly, i am frank when I say I DID NOT FORSEE THE POSSIBILITY OF JOY). I started from step one, the first few weeks were very hard, my breathing was really heavy, my legs were aching all over, shin splints.. The lot! Then I did that 20 minute run in week 5, I think I didn't nail it first time, but second and third and that's when I realised this could actually be achieved, my breathing started to get better by the run, my legs too, I started to get that "high" and feel awesome after running for the rest of the day (I even made better food choices on running day), and I started to understand why people run, It has been actually a very good tool for eliminating stress and frustration (I have two boys 7 and 2, the dog, a four floor house to clean on my own and a husband that works a lot) and at this point I can tell you I feel great, I've done my 10k yesterday with two friends, they had not done it before, I pushed them both to it, we left our kids with the hubbies in the morning and went for a run, the weather was amazing, so was the route so I insisted we run those 10k, we were all so proud of our selfs! But the best part of all of this is that thanks to running I am happy, and honestly no longer caring about losing weight, believe me, it's better to lose the bad mood than a few kilos, which i did as well by the way.. I have signed my two year old baby to go to nursery for three and a half hours per day, I'm looking forward to becoming a better, faster runner when he is there, it's awesome, please try it, please take it up to week 5, even I you don't do it three times a week because you don't have the time, even if you have to repeat sessions as you struggled to get thorough them, it gets better and fun-er as the weeks go by! Kisses and hugs to all you! Start! Believe in yourself! If I did it, anyone will do it!
  7. Ok, I just read the response and the good news, that's awesome!
  8. Ohhh bloody h!!! Now I see my post!
  9. Hello everybody! I thought I posted something on this thread yesterday, didn't i? I was praising Azatol for his determination as with such obstacle I would have probably have a good enough excuse to give it up, although.. I'm not so sure, this is very addictive, i hope your knee gives up and stops playing up Azatol, and thank you for telling everyone about it, this is definitely inspirational to all those who don't have a good enough excuse and opt for giving up. A few weeks ago I posted the question "should I run when in pain?" Well, today my left shin was pulling and burning again, I was thinking I should give up running if it became worse, but as you once told me "it goes away when you keep running" so I'm glad I didn't give up, it was my second 4k or 2,5 mile run and it felt very good, a lot easier than the last one, but I have to admit, I was well prepared, I even brought the big fan to blow on my face, it feels awful when the sweat drops go down your face..
  10. That's a wonderful idea! run girl run you go girl!
  11. You seem a very strong person, that obstacle would be enough to have an excuse for not exercising... Or so I think! So you don't feel pain during your runs only after? The picture you posted shows your 5,1 km in 31,2 minutes, that means your going almost 10km/h, that is a very quick pace to run for 5 km, I guess its inevitable that one tries to improve and not slow down... I do hope your pain ceases, try and take it easy and your doctor advised and just as you advise others, this sport sadly makes you your only opponent and the hardest to beat. Take care xx
  12. Hello, I've just remembered about the chocolate post! So you are allergic? That sucks! What are you allergic to exactly? I was talking to a friend that came for dinner with his wife the other day, he was once overweight and now he is obsessed with a healthy lifestyle, I told them I started running, he was telling me that I one was to eat before running, the best thing to eat are carbohydrates, the purer the better, so a fruit would be ideal, that would not only give us energy but it would make the stored fat go into our muscles... Or something like that, he is a scientist, so he knows what he is talking about.. I have no clue on this.. The point is, if you are going to have a bit o chocolate maybe before and not after the run would be wiser. But I don't know as just after the run apparently you are still losing calories faster and that's the time to consume food.. Azatol, you are right about running being easier when Its cold that when its boiling hot out there, that's for certain, but one doubt I have is.. When is freezing and I decide to run and start to get hot and bother and take a layer off (so I'm left with a long sleeve shirt and just a bra underneath) isn't that dangerous? Will I not be susceptible to getting a cold? What do you all think about this? I'm a first timer so I'm not sure I should dress well and keep running with the layers or take them off as I feel..
  13. Thanks Azatol, I'm trying my best, I'm a perfectionist, if I start experiencing problems I'll slow right down
  14. That is an achievement! I'm So jealous! Today I ran for 22 minutes and was having negative- giving up thoughts from minute 7 thorough out, I'm being religious about keeping up the required speed but obviously that makes it very hard, I managed to finish but it was the first time since starting this journey that I wondered if I'll ever be able to run a 10k, I did a third of that today and it was harder mentally that physically, I'm just not used to make any unnecessary effort for more than 10 minutes and it's overwhelming to all of a sudden be running for such a long time, I wonder I will get dizzy and fall and what if something happens to me as my body isn't used to this amount of exercise for 22 minutes non stop.. Buff! I'm paranoid, though I used the treadmill as there is too much mud in the mountains where I usually run, and I think it's also harder to run on a treadmill as you don't feel you are making progress, not enough air go thorough your lungs and around your sweaty face.. Very Frustrating!
  15. My keep it going just a few minutes left song is "ein schöner tag" by Schiller, it makes me feel so inspired! Other than that, I like to listen to Atb as the rhythm is fast and encouraging.. And that's what you need in this programme
  16. Hello, this is an old post but in case anybody else wonders... I have to run 10km/h to finish the expected 2 miles in 20 minutes in week 5 and finish the 2,25 miles on week 6, I'm 172cm tall, it's too quick for my liking but I somehow managed until and including today
  17. Very dark chocolat is healthy and good for you as far as I'm concerned, I like the darn milky one, which is full of sugar and God knows what else! It's a very good bad habit to like dark chocolat, you are a lucky woman xxx
  18. hello Anne! So... You are a chocolat addict
  19. Hello Clare. I don't know where you're from but I have travelled the world a bit and have noticed that different countries cook and prepare vegetables differently, my personal opinion about British cuisine is that it is all very basic and blandly cooked when it comes to vegetables, take a look at the Sunday roast, fish&chips+mushy peas.. It can be a bit boring, that's why Brits generally aren't big fans of vegetables.. I've tasted salads made out of vegetables I've never been offered in an English restaurant menu, you just need to give it a twist, experiment and find out what you like. Take for example green beans, cook them well in salted water, transfer to a pan, add a bit of olive oil and vinegar, delicious! Not a fan of vinegar? What about fried onion or garlic on top of roasted vegetables? It completely changes the taste, you should try, just think of what you like first and then just cook your veggies according to that. Somebody replied to you at the top that you should just give it a try, I agree, I've been a juice and fizzies drinker for many years, I don't anymore, I Sri k coffee and tea a all the water I can, that's it and no longer enjoy artificial drinks, when I'm thirsty I can only think of water, I guess the same happens with food, just introduce vegetables so many times a week, you'll see at some point you won't be able to have it any other way. Lots of luck
  20. That's the spirit! That's how I feel every time I finish my run, I can't wait for the next one! I can't wait to improve! Then I start running and in the middle I think it's so hard! But somehow I manage to continue and not give Up until the end and feel enthusiastic again! It's so much fun hahaha
  21. Sorry, Anne, I thought you posted about having done your week 4 in here too, well done! I think when you complete week five, you'll feel like you are in the right track, your body is stronger and more capable and ready for more, from there there is no more sissy business hahah
  22. Hello Anne and Azatol it has been raining here in Zaragoza (Spain) since last night, the mountains are full of mud and as I went with my Lina (I always take my german shepherd for a run, she just runs free off leash and chases rabbits..), I just decided to go back as I didn't want her to get dirty, thankfully, I have a treadmill my husband bought me for a birthday I had a month from giving birth, I kept telling him to buy me one as i had gotten too fat, almost two years on I finally used it for over a mile for the first time today
  23. Your singleness won't last long now that you are happy and satisfied the way you are, so enjoy your freedom while you can!
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