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  1. every 'body' is different, there isn't any sure short spot reductions. Please intersperse your runs with rest and strength training.
  2. hi! Maizie.. Upper body strength training won't make you big, it will give you lean muscles. there are plenty of exercises available online on upper body with or without weights, you can use stretchable bands, kettle bell or just dumbbells, of course you have to watch what you eat! there isn't anything like spot reduction.
  3. you don't have to be in pain when you are doing leg exercises. you can try using elastic bands and exercise with it and may be listen to your favorite music?
  4. Swathi

    Ankle injury?

    Have you tried showing it to a podiatrist? Just to be on the safer side..
  5. i know its heart breaking to stop something that you love so much! you can start again, please do look for videos on how to run, and stretching is an absolute must. sit with your spine comfortably erect and point your toes and pretend to write (maybe just A to Z), that will stretch your shin, you can either do with both the feet the same time or one at a time. Get well soon!
  6. Once you have a go ahead from your doctor, take it slow and build up the pace. All the best
  7. three days of running and interspersing with strength training will help you run better
  8. it is better not to run if you tend to bleed a lot, please talk to your doctor first if your flow is normal, i would suggest restorative yoga, mild stretches during the week of periods, this will stretch you out, relax you and give you more energy for the following week. Ideally in yogic science doing anything heavy duty during periods is taboo as it puts too much pressure on the uterus! thanks
  9. too early to see weight loss, i hope you are adding strength training to your run, and also resting in between
  10. balanced diet, good workout and preferably not eating salty foods generally takes care of the BP issues, you can also try yoga with deep breathing, however yoga is not just for weight loss its potent tool to enhance well being.
  11. post workout its good to have a banana/boiled potato, whey powder drink and lots of water.. this way you will replenish the protein and sodium!
  12. running especially long runs causes a drop in the immune system and hence its natural to get a sensation of cold or flu like symptoms, immediately after the run try sipping hot water and a tea spoon of organic honey! i know it sounds weird to carry honey along but being down with cold is even harder!
  13. is it swollen? does it only occur when you walk? you may want to ice it and give it a rest if it persists see a doctor
  14. i think for now if you keep the fact that running is important to speed it will all fall in place, just don't give up and keep telling yourself you can do it!!!
  15. i know how it feels when a task is completed, the adrenalin rush is simply worth it! well done
  16. There is a new moment to run without shoes! i know it may work in tropical weather, given a choice between shoes and insoles, i would definitely go for new shoes!!
  17. losing weight requires altering life style, choose an exercise/routine that you think you can stick with, some simple things to start off with 1.alternate days walk/jog/dance and alternate days stretch/weights. 2.eat frequent small meals every 2 hour, example of a meal can be handful of nuts, 2 eggs and 2 toasts (sprouted bread), cup of yogurt etc.. 3.drink lots of water, 4.avoid processed food and white flour, refined sugar, (sodas, ice tea, dessert), 5.eat full fat milk/cheese/yogurt (low fat have sugar added, the fat in the milk helps absorption of Vitamin D and calcium, and protein plus it will only make you lose fat). ... 6. be happy and Sleep well be patient weight loss should be gradual slow and steady! all the best
  18. it is slightly easier to run on the treadmill as the equipment also gives a bit of a push and the good part is you have to run at the speed you set it to, however as a newbie it may be a good idea to run on the road too, you can see how different it feels on your body, usually the thumb rule is to run at a speed slower than a brisk walk. there is no definite speed, do what you think you can do, and slowly build it up. no rush! slow and steady wins the race
  19. the advantage of low carb diet is that one avoids processed food and white flour, keep it up..
  20. Protein intake for an average adult is a debatable topic, I am an Indian vegetarian and things that i add on a everyday basis are Lentils or dals including all kind of beans, full fat raw milk or grass fed milk, paneer, nuts and eggs. the best way to cook the beans is to soak in water and pressure cook them that way you will feel less gassy! plenty of ideas on how to cook dal and beans in youtube.. i avoid soy.. most soys in the US market are unfermented which has phytoestrogen which mimics inside the body as estrogen, the best form of soy to have is soy lecithin.
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