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  1. I seem to have enough energy to run but notice when I work out (c25k being the cardio portion of my workout), that I am really hungry afterwards for a while. I didn't know if other low carbers had experienced this. I'm not used to being hungry on Atkins. I lost a lot of weight over the past year by diet alone without working out. My weight loss stalled so I joined a gym. Ramping up my fitness to try to get off this plateau but just finding myself eating more because I'm so hungry after working out, even though I eat my regular meals before I go to the gym.
  2. Any fellow low carbers out there? I'm doing Atkins (extended induction as I have a lot to lose). Any recommendations to help fuel the body for running? Not new to low carb (lost almost 70lbs this past year). But my weight loss has stalled so I'm ramping up my exercise & giving c2k a try. Would appreciate any advice!
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