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  1. Hey guys. So I have bad anxiety and occasional panic attacks. I found running and fell in love. My anxiety was dramaticly reduced. I walked for 3 weeks then built up to run/walk. 11 days ago I was out running and I developed a pain in my shins. I couldn't keep going. I sat on a park bench for about 15 mins, then walked home. The pain was intense. I iced it, and the pain subsided. Over the next week, the pain intensified, and relieved. I went to urgent care yesterday. I tore the Soleus muscle. The doc said I appear to be everting/supinating my left foot when I run, and that I wasn't wearing proper running shoes for my feet. He says no running or walking for 3-6 weeks. I'm heartbroken. I started running because of what it does for my mentality. I feel like i'm going nuts. The pain is sometimes stationary mid shin, and sometimes it radiates frim the inside of my knee down to the inside of my arch. I thought running was simple. Just lace up and go. There's so much to this. How you strike, your gait, strikes per minute, PROPER shoes, foam rollers... Jeez.
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