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  1. Carol, Can't. I'm in the US, but thanks for the offer. I'm hoping to do the Resolution Run in San Diego in a week or so. Steve
  2. I've been repeating the "run 5K" step, because it gives me a decent workout. I'm doing ~3.5-3.8 miles, and it prompts me when I'm at the half way point, time-wise. I'll have to check out the 10K app, though... Steve
  3. Hello, all. I'm Steve, and I've been on a quest to get more healthy since I turned 59. Between the gym, and the myfitnesspal, and mapmywalk apps, I've become more healthy, and lost 30 lbs. This year, at 62, I set a goal to run a 5k. I used the c25k app to get to that goal! I had a setback, when I came down with runners knee, but it healed up, I continued, and I did my first 5k EVER in October. I'll be doing more 5ks in the future... Steve
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