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  1. I was in the same boat this time last year as you. I started walking around 15 minutes a day for 3 months. Went to 30 minutes for 7 month and an hour for the last 2 months and I've lost over 10 stones or 140lbs for countries that don't use stones and count in pounds.
  2. 1st January came round and I got weighed and was 21 stone 4lbs. As ever, the New Years resolution kicked off and it normally lasts a week or two. However I was determined I was going to stick to it for a month. 31st January came and I had lost 1 stone via walking 15 minutes every other day and cutting out fast food by about half haha This impressed me and drove me to continue. The end of February, I had lost another 7lbs and another 7lbs by end of March. That was 2 stones in 3 months. This gave me a kick up the bum to increase my walking, I upped it to 30 minutes from April every other day and lost a stone in April, May etc up to September when I lost half a stone due to a Birthday blow out. Lost another half stone in October resulting in 8 stones lost and upped my walking up to an hour every other day. Lost another stone in November and just lost my 10th stone by the end of December. I now weigh 11 stone 3lbs ! My goal for 2016 is to turn my walking into jogging/running hence getting this app at 3am on 01/01/2016 after googling ways to get me moving. Couch to 5k fit the bill and here I am. W1D1
  3. Starting W1D1 today 01/01/2016 Total newbie, never ran in my life, not even for a bus haha If anyone in Leeds wants a partner, give me holla
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