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  1. Can't help you with that one, unfortunately. I wouldn't worry about it. Pay attention to your body and see what it is telling you. If you have pains in a particular place, if your feet hurt etc., and then take it from there. You've gotten this far with your feet, so I am sure they are not going to be too much of a problem :-)
  2. True, once you've done the first day, especially if you are a none runner, everything else is completely doable. I noticed you mentioned your breathlessness. I don't really experience that. Maybe you need to focus on regulating your breathing. I do in four counts (usually paces) and out four counts, so my inhale and my exhale are similar. If you time breathing with what your body is doing, it becomes automatic after a while and as such, almost a none issue. BTW, if I remember correctly, W4D3 was laughably easy....
  3. I am not a doctor, but it sounds related to your lower back, maybe sciatica, which I am well acquainted with personally. I find with my back that if I take care of it the minute it starts acting up - I am able to nip in the bud, before it becomes a serious issue. (I take anti inflamatory pills for a couple of days).
  4. Finally bought shoes. Went to a shop a few towns away my doc recommended. The owner is a runner and seems to know his stuff. He put me right on the treadmill with and without my current shoes, and funnily enough, when you see a movie of your feet walking - things you never knew about pop out at you. For example, that my left foot slightly pronounces, and that only my left foot does. That explains why my left side is less flexible than my right, and also why the muscles in my left calf always cramp when I am running. He brought me several shoes to try on, one neutral (which he said might work) and a couple of ones with support for the pronouncing foot (I was really surprised that there was an issue with my gait). I ended up buying the second pair he bought out for me to try, a saucony omni, and it will be interesting to see if it makes any difference. They are much more roomier than my current shoes, and feel nice. I hope the roominess will not be an issue (I had to decide between a tighter pair and this looser fitting one.) Anyway, I photographed the box with the brand, model, size etc. for future reference, and if I like them, next time I need shoes I can try buy them for less online. I will try them out tomorrow morning.
  5. I know you will too. I will be doing w6d2 tomorrow so if you don't finish week 6, I will have caught up with you, and we can't have that now, can we?
  6. Hmmm. Hope u get your run in tommorrow
  7. Wow jeshi...i never thought about running with weights...must have been a challenge. Enjoy your time with your family and take your rumning clothes with for just in case you need an escape...which is often the case with families...
  8. Thanks guys!knew u would understand I am exhusted and off to bed
  9. Glad 2 hear u are feeling better. Sounds like you were hungry. I eat oat meal after runs (since i run in the morning before breakfast) and i dont drink during...
  10. Wow that is fast... I'll be please if I ever get below 30... good luck
  11. @Aztol and Rob - the best option of course is not to run every other day, but unfortunately that won't work for me right now. I will keep your advice in mind Aztol and listen to my body. Just finished W6D1. I live on a circular road on the top of a hill. It is the least hilly of all the roads in the area and is about 1 km around, so that is where I have been running. Round and round and round and round.... BORING... so today, I decided to challenge myself to one road down the hill, which is longer and hillier (if there even is such a word). I thought that this would be quite an easy run and I am bored to tears by my normal route, and what is a a mere 67 meter gain...(219 feet for the Americans).... Anyhooo... It was a challenge... the eight minute run fell on the steep incline but I did it... That was probably the most challenging of all the runs I have done to date, but the difficulty does not compare to the elation of having beaten that hill, mainly because it means that as I get stronger, I can move away from my normal route to other routes in the area and deal with them.
  12. I think it's normal for it to be difficult and the for it to get easier every time you run. I don't think the difficulty in staying awake after a run is normal, though. Have you eaten? Did you drink enough water? If food and water don't solve it and there is no reason for you to feel sleepy - then just to be safe, call/see your doctor.
  13. @ All longstanding and new ex-smokers - this is the absolutely best thing you can do for yourself, even though at times it might seem like the hardest. I have lost count as to how many years I have been smoke free (probably 13 or maybe 14) after smoking 1-2 packs a day for 15 years or so. When you smoke, you forget how wonderful it is to fill you lungs with air - 'cause you just can't. Here's to more oxygen and less crap in your lungs :-)
  14. Jeshi sorry to hear you are not feeling up to par. My monthlies do weird things to me to (like wanting to bop people on the head and suchlike...) it's like a strange and vile version of myself has moved in. Yoga and breathing exercises help with stress. You can find lots of beginning yoga relaxation classes online (10 and 15 minutes) and for me, even at my most combative and hair-on-end stressed out - they are at least somewhat effective. On the other hand, glad to see you doing so well with the running ... that should be enough to put a smile on your face and take a weight of your chest!
  15. LOL, that's funny Wendell... did you keep running or just to the end of the run?
  16. @blondebass - Good for you and keep us posted. I dialed it down from 4 times a week to three times, but I have to say that two consecutive days not running is not working for me either. I think what I'll do is go back up to 4 and on the second day of the two back to back days do a really easy run. That way I won't feel like I am losing my grove, but on the other hand won't be over taxing my body.
  17. Gotcha. Since I think what grabs me most is the constant callenge...and although i might do the 10 k app i dont think i'll take it further at this point... would rather find ways to challenge myself on the more doable distances
  18. Azto what are strides hill sprints and the other thing u said?
  19. As I feared, it was raining....me and my running buddy met by the school bus in our running gear and umbrellas and went our separate ways...it did stop raining after a couple of hours so I went out running alone (I was obsessing about running and was getting nothing done anyway). I wasn't sure what to wear, if it would start raining again or not, and decided that if it started raining I would quit - and not hold it against myself. I started running with a shell windbreaker, but shed it half way and stashed it in my car as I ran by (I didn't stop moving my legs - I jogged on the spot while I opened and closed the door so I am not considering that stopping). I was running with my phone in my hand, which I don't usually do, and resisted temptation to look at it for just about the entire way. Around halfway I hit a low, but ran through. It wasn't extremely easy, but it wasn't extremely difficult either. With a minute thirty five to go I peeked to see how much I still had... and was nicely surprised. So - I did it. If I can run twenty minutes flat I can call myself a runner. I AM A RUNNER!!!
  20. Wow... homeschooling is a serious feat to undertake! And here I am blabbering on about half an hour without the kids....
  21. Good for you! Breathing slowly is key. I breath four in four out like in yoga.
  22. Jeshi since you are not just passively losing weight, and you energy expenditure is growing all the time - the harder this program gets the more you are burning - you should probably see a nutritionist to see that you are getting the right kinds of foods and not just extra calories. Goods snacks are various nuts - packed with calories, good fats, and various other minerals and vitamins that are harder to come by. Brazil nuts are fantastic and very healthy. When you are sapped, have two or three of those. Also, if there is one thing I know about dieting - it is never allow yourself to be hungry - hunger is the enemy - hunger and binge are good friends and you want neither of them anywhere near you.
  23. @Jeshi -W5D3 tomorrow morning - I hope it won't be raining....Shoes didn't happen, life got in the way again, but they will....thanks for asking :-)
  24. I was also self conscious about running outside - the first few meters were embarrassing, but then the embarrassment faded away and the fun set in. Only repeat days if you couldn't complete them. A lot of people repeat and a lot don't feel the need to. It's personal. Stick with it. It's fun and the added bonus of running outside is NO KIDS for 30 minutes :-)
  25. Hi Curtiv Open a thread on the accountability forum and document you running journey there. Read other people's threads - its inspiring. You are not alone and many have walked the path you are about to embark on. We are all you cyber running buddies :-)
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