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  1. What is mts? Other than that - what Cece said... by the time you make it to week 4 and 5 you will be good and ready :-)
  2. I think I found all stage a big step till the end of week 5. Just getting of my butt to run was huge, the second week was a bit scary too. The more experienced running here say it's best to give your legs rest day before running days, so don't walk to strenuously. Not that I did, but its better to do some form of strength training on the off days. That way your muscles can keep up with you...
  3. I think that I have been tricked (or have tricked myself) into thinking that the fact that I can run for thirty minutes makes me invincible, and that all the damage done by 10 years of sedentary living has just faded away on the way to 5k. It hasn't, and running for 30 minutes is wonderful, but my body is nowhere near capable of what it used to be capable of, and I will have to work on it... for now, I will settle for warming up by walking and doing post running Yoga when I come back, which will both stretch and strengthen me. I will also do some sort of Yoga on my non run days - and gently ease my way back to the days I had easy access to my toes (without bending my knees...)
  4. You may fair better with the dynamic warm-up than I did, since you have been doing other workouts, strength training and such. All I've been doing is running, and it seems as if the fumes have gone to my head, based on this morning... I now have to hobble over to the kettle to make me some coffee, and then hobble back over to my desk...
  5. @ Anne - I didn't mean that running was a chore, only that the planning might become a chore. As a women with a family I am constantly planning, coordinating, etc. etc... it was really convenient just having to show up and participate, which is what running with the app is like. Anyway, today was my first independent, post app run, and it was a disaster. I had previously planned to skip the warmup walk and do a dynamic walkup instead, thus making it easier to start my tracking app (whichever I decide on) when I leave and start running right away. Found a dynamic warm up in runners world, but what they failed to mention is that one should warm up for the warmup... I think I over stretched (don't know how to explain it - cramped or over stretched) my thighs and inner thighs and upper arm and right shoulder. I even considered not running, but decided to brave it all the same. I have to climb a flight of stairs from my house to road level, which I could barely do - my muscles cramped or something midway... I got to the top, and decided that I might be able to run it out, so I pressed go on endomondo and on map my run and went for it. I could only run for about 17 of the 30 minutes I had intended to run. My legs would just not push the pavement back. Good thing is that when I came back, I did some post run yoga, from an app I downloaded (daily yoga) and that was good. I think I will go back to walking warmup and not do dynamic warmups until I am back in the Yoga swing and stronger.
  6. That is good if you can stick to it.... I have so many other things to plan and to stick to in my life, that the app or some very general plan would make it easier... I don't want running to become a chore...on the other hand, planning three runs a week isn't such a big deal.
  7. The nice thing about running with an app is the accountability, checking off runs etc. Like a written 2do list as opposed to a mental 2do list - nothing like checking completed tasks of a list... If I see I am flaking out, or perhaps not having as much fun or falling out of the habit, then I might just do the 10k app...
  8. I hope you get a run in today or tommorrow... even a short one... just to maintain you groove
  9. yeahhhh, we'll have to see about that....LOL
  10. Why is it way more fun? I haven't downloaded it yet... I kind of feel that right now, 30 or 35 minutes is enough for me (not sure if I can do more) And also, don't you need to invest more time in it? How long are the sessions?
  11. Here here. Don't overthink it - after all you are here, and you kinda wanna (it's like kinda wanting to touch a snail but not having the courage)... just do it...
  12. Maybe if I really stick to it, I'll spoil myself with a watch for my fiftieth birthday (which is not for a while yet...T.G) Although I have to say that at this point a just stick my phone in my armband and don't even look at it until I am done....
  13. Just finished last run on app. Supposedly, but only supposedly, I can now run 5k. Mapmyrun (long story...) did show 5k at the end of the workout but that was including warmup and cool down. I decided that I would run endomundo and mmr simultaneously today and compare, but I must have had endomondo set on intervals because it kept beeping like crazy... so I shut it off. I will use it next run. I think I will run 30 again next run and then bump it up to 35 and see if I get 5k in that. I will also start doing a dynamic warm up at home instead of walking to warm up, and start tracking as I start running. Hope I will be able to stick with it... I will probably keep posting a while - accountability is everything.
  14. Thought about you today as ran and wonder how you were able to pay attention to every small detail the way you body works....I just try to keep my feet moving and avoid stepping on any dog p**p...
  15. Now there's a mental image worth hanging onto just in case i run into a mental wall...lol
  16. I had the app on my old phone for a year probably and was scared to start, and I finally deleted it. I downloaded it again probably a month before I got the courage to go for it. I am on week eight now! who would have believed it....
  17. Stitches suck. that happened to me once. I think that I ate to close to the run. Good for you on sticking it out.
  18. Took a better look at strava - I think it's hardly used around here. If I understand correctly, the segments are routes people have run? Because i would have to drive at least half an hour in every direction to get to one of those... I wonder what happens if you use 3 apps like that simultaneously + a music app... I mmr because it tracks my shoes, I have seen that strava does that too...and endmundo has upgraded me for free... I will have to run all three so I don't feel like I am missing out on something great
  19. I like mmr because it doesn't ask for personal details and doesn't try dig around in your personal info... that said... i downloaded all three and have was upgraded automatically by endomundo due to my galaxy s5...it looks like it has training plans so i might give it a go... thanks azatol... appreciate it...
  20. Sean - did you get your run in?
  21. Did, over and done with. So that's another one in the bag, but I am not thrilled, mainly because map my run is playing mind games with me. Same runtime as W8D1 - right? If the distance I ran was greater than I did on W8D1 - then it follows than I ran faster - right? Not according to mapmyrun I sprinted twice during the run - for the last minute and a little before that too - so either my world is moving in slowmo or map my run is screwing up... I really shouldn't care at all - I know, but I do...
  22. It will be both of us running tmrw since i only did a half run today
  23. Good for you (and for you sleepy teen ...). 4:30 is crazy... I used to do that when I was younger for work but there is no way I could do that now on a permanent basis.
  24. I was going to do that for the last day of week 8 but since I screwed up today, maybe I'll postpone that a bit.
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