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  1. Just come back from not completing W8D2. This is the first time that I could not complete a run. I will go back and get it tomorrow. It was very cold, in comparison to our usual - 7 C which is about 45 F. I had a windbreaker on because it was also very windy (which it often is up here), but my ears were freezing. Because it was so cold, my daughter came to snuggle up in our bed sometime in the middle of the night, which obviously left me lying awake for most of it. Anyway, I didn't feel like running around and around my street, so ran down to the street with the big hill again, and made it to the top of the badass hill, which is also one full round of that street. for half of that round, the half which is uphill (gradual at first and then steep) I was running straight into the wind, which seemed to get stronger the steeper the hill got. At one point there was no way I could keep my body straight up. I had to bend forward a bit to "cut" through the wind. Kind of like running into a wall. When I checked my times when I got home, I noticed that I had been going at my usual speed, and hadn't slowed down my pace in anticipation of the hill or the fact that I was running into the wind. So, tired, cold, wind and speed got me good.
  2. Glad you are over your hump. Food is necessary. Glad you ate and feel better.
  3. You can't have gained them back with 1000 kal deficits and running 3 times a week - than alone burns about 1000 kals a week... There are weight fluctuations all the time, due to water retention, monthlies and so on. Trust me - either you scale is bonkers or the weight it is showing is not "real" weight. DO NOT GET BUMMED! View this as a post-app blues...
  4. Oooo, wish you luck. You seem like a fantastic person if you have 6 kids and only three you gave birth to, and if you can do that, you can most certainly do this.
  5. Good job! Good luck on your journey. Make sure you eat properly too otherwise the weight won't come of. See nutritionist if you haven't yet is the best advice I can give you on the subject.
  6. So how did you do it - run 5k a couple of times a week and then once a week add on minutes or distance?
  7. I'll keep my ears open on the daycare thing ;-), as far as getting up earlier - better you than me
  8. Ran W8D1 today - it was great. I just love this running thing... and hope I will keep it up without the app. I also wish I could talk SO into it too, since I would love to be able to run with him. Running buddy (who was apparently a personal trainer in a previous life?!) agreed to finish week 8 and then start running 5k and working on our time a bit (judging by today's run, we would probably run 5k in about 35-40 minutes). I think we will do the 10k program but not right away. I haven't been doing anything else besides running, and hope to start doing some strength training (at least once a week). I found the courage to weigh myself this morning - and I am still maintaining my weight which is good. I keep on worrying that I have gained because I am eating more than before. I would still like to lose a kilo or two but can definitely live with my current weight quite happily. I have a healthy BMI, smackdab in the middle of the healthy range for me, so a couple of extra kilos is more of a vanity thing ...
  9. Jeshi - the guy at the shoe store taught me a different way of tying my shoes, and Azatol uploaded a video showing how to do it - its called a heel lock, I think. Its really helped me - it locks your foot in place without you having to tie your laces to tight - and keeps your foot from sliding around in the shoe. It took me a couple of times to get the right tightness - but it's great. All my complaints and fears about chaffing my feet and having to invest in good socks have gone out of the window. You should check it out.
  10. Sean - good for you!! Proud of you that you worked your way out of the slump you had and got back with the program. Its so worth it :-) I will do the 10k but not right away. I want to run the distance of 5k first and get comfortable with it. So probably in two or three weeks time.
  11. Most of the runs from here on out are 35 minutes....I hope you do figure something out.
  12. I was raised on and still eat a mediteranian diet... lots and lots of vegetables. Try throwing oranges into your salad instead of tomtoes. Try throwing vegetables sliced or whole on the barbeque.eat with tahini sauce. Look for anti pasti recipies... switch your potatoes with whole grain basmati rice which is delicious... think of it as an adventure..
  13. Good for you Anne. Were you excited about getting it over?
  14. Week seven done. Tackled the big hill again today, and it was absolutely fine. The run ended just at the bottom of the hill for the second time around. I could have kept going but my running buddy was a bit under the weather so we stopped. It did stop raining, as I requested, from 0745 for about 40 minutes, only problem was we weren't ready to go at 0745 so the last few minutes of the run and the cool down were in a soft, gentle rain. It was quite good, actually.
  15. Week seven in the bag :-)
  16. I used to do yoga with my laptop...but you do need at least a bit of space
  17. Go for beginner yoga not power yoga or anything and dont push yourself. Yoga is good cause it teaches you yo listen to your body and learn your limits.
  18. No,i run teusdays. It raining cats and dogs now and hope it lets up for 40 minutes tomorrow morning at 0745...
  19. Don't be discouraged. Are you running out of breath? Are you legs cramping? How long are you running? I am currently on week seven, and I find that even if I finish the runs pooped, a half a minute of walking is all I need to regain my composure. If you can't get through the whole run, walk for 10 seconds or twenty and then carry on. 20 minutes is a long run and it's not easy after 5 and 8 minute runs. It's doable but not necessarily easy. You can also go back one day and see how easily you get through that day, after trying the twenty a few times. That will definitely propel you forward. Remember - it's very much a mind game...
  20. I hope you feel better. Sometimes delays are for the best.
  21. There are so many video's online, you can do this on your own as long as you have a little bit of drive. You can even work out with you son - use him as a weight :-)
  22. Yay anne!!!! Its probably the most surprising run of all
  23. Go queen.. If you have five kids and lived to tell then you are definitly a queen and what is a little running to u? You can eat this for breakfast with no salt as they say in these parts!
  24. Even if you weren't raised with awareness -u are obviously developing awareness now which is wonderful. Stick with it,think about what your food is giving (or taking from)you and learn as much as you can about healthy nutrition and you will be fine.
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