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  1. Karlaeliz I am 48 and have just completed week 4. I identify with your unhappiness, since before i lost weight i was very unhappy with myself and uncomfortable in my body. I have never run before and somehow i manage to get through the sessions as they are served 2 me. Whoever designed this program knew their stuff... just trust in that and u will be fine...
  2. Just go 4 it.... do it at your own pace and have fun. It's working 4 me...
  3. @Jessi, I will check that website out (tried now but they seem to be having a problem with their server). Problem is size - which i have noticed is not uniform from brand to brand so unless I find the size and model I want in a store, I might be risking the wrong size shoe.... Just found their European website, which is online, and there are some pretty good deals .... All I have to do is figure out the right size...
  4. @ Anne I haven't decided yet. I tried on adidas, which were too small - and they didn't have my size, asics , which were too big and New Balance which were too ugly... Running shoes are so expensive here - the asics nimbus is about $300... so I will have to stick with my old shoes until I find some that fit both my feet and my pocket. So far no luck :-)
  5. Jeshi had you in mind this morning during the second 3 minute and 5 minute runs. My calf was hurting again, and when the thought of quitting came into my mind I said to myself "Would Jeshi quit? No she would not!!" and neither did I. Nailed it :-)
  6. Very inspiring. I will think about that tomorrow, when, hopefully, I chug through my first five minute run
  7. I realy like the second video _ the one with the physio therapist. It is much more careful and slightly yoga-esk.. i think i might do that for my non run days and only a few before i run
  8. Thanks Jeshi. I did W3D3 today and it was much better than day two. I had no pain at all. I ran the opposite direction than I usually do, so maybe that balanced out my body too (I run in a hilly area and the sidewalk might have a inward or outward slant). I also did some dynamic stretches as TrishE suggested I do. As far as my running posture goes, I might have some issues with my shoulders, but I think I strike midfoot and under my body (I look at my shadow while I am running which gives me some sort of clue as to my form). I will try counting my steps, although that might prove difficult since I don't have access to a treadmill and will certainly lose count after 10 steps .
  9. I have been eating around 1200 calories for a while now, and I have lost weight nicely, even though rather slowly, but that was before I started exercising. I am 48 years old and lead a pretty sedentary life style. I work at a computer from home, so the amount of movement required from me is minimal. I have a step counter on my phone, and most days only do a couple of thousand steps, which is very unhealthy. I started walking about six weeks ago (on and off) and am currently on week 3 of c25k and I am loosing my resolution as far as eating goes. I suppose I should add calories to my diet (I do, but on the sly), but I am not sure how many (I want to maintain my weight, or perhaps lose another 3-4 kilos slowly). I eat a very healthy diet - hardly any junk, lots of fruit and vegetables, full grains etc. and am wondering how many calories I should be eating if I am running 4 times a week for about 30 minutes each time.
  10. I need to start doing that - walking around every hour. I work at home in front of a computer, so I don't even have the walk to the car and back....
  11. Thanks trish. I will try that. I might also try doing some yoga on the days I am not running. That might balance me out a bit.
  12. Just completed W3D2 and I have to say this was the first run I did not enjoy. My left calf got really sore during the 3 minute runs, and I felt my left ankle too. I did complete the runs and managed to walk the pain off, but started wondering if I should be doing stretches before I start out (I was assuming the warmup walk was enough) and if so, what stretches? I do do a couple of stretches once I am done. (Also - wondering what it means of only one leg is in pain? Could it be a posture issue, or is everyone not quite symmetrical in strength and flexibility?)
  13. I have lost about 9 kilos, and in about six months (without exercise - which I am just starting with). I love my wine and have a glass every night and occasionally two. There are about 125 - 150 cals in a glass, and I just add that into the calories I eat every day. I think weight loss has to suit your lifestyle other wise its not going to work long run. Cheers
  14. Hi all, New here too. Completed D1W3 yesterday. I have had the app on my phone for ever but have been too scared to try.... Considering shoes now. I am usually barefoot (except in the winter) and if I do wear any shoes, It's usually just flipflops. I do run with running shoes (I did not buy them - got them from a friend they were too small for). They are not fantastic but they work. I am worried about running barefoot or with the "barefoot" shoes since I have had a recurring slipped disc for a long time and don't want to exasperate it if possible. Any suggestions for shoes? Should I risk barefoot?
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