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  1. Alright. I am running on Thursday.
  2. Well since Thanksgiving is this week, your rest couldn't have come at a better time...you might as well be passionate about enjoying it...(family, game, beer, turkey etc )
  3. Hey Sean... W6D3 completed. When are you running W7D1?
  4. Week six done. Quite astounding really - that I can actually run now. The hardest thing about this run were my shoes, which I just can't seem to tie so that they are comfortable. They are either too loose or too tight. I have the feeling that I should have got the pair that was a snugger fit. Anyway, there is no way I am not going to find a way to make these shoes work for me. I have never spent so much money on a pair of shoes before (yes, I am that girl with only two pairs of shoes in her closet). Next run, I am going to lace them differently and see if that makes a difference... and also, I will have to make peace with the fact that they are roomy. I tied my left shoe so tight today that by the end of the run my foot was numb .... Anyway, week seven and week eight are straight through runs... so I thought that for the first two runs of each week, I would run around my street.. and the third run of the week I would go down and challenge the hill again... Can't believe this is almost done.
  5. JESHIIIII! That was wonderful! I loved reading this. I had to see how cold that was in celsius - OMG - that is literally freezing! Good for you. I am going to focus on my core tomorrow during my run. See if it makes me as light on my feet as it makes you :-) You are an inspiration!
  6. My thoughts exactly. Glad to see you back Jeshi, I was starting to get worried about you :-)
  7. Hey Sean - way to go!!! I run tomorrow, Monday is the day I do my best to hold myself back from bursting out the door at a run because it's my second non-run day in a row. So you are still ahead of me.... for now ....
  8. That must have been quite a scare. Good luck and stay healthy.
  9. Can you breath? If you can, go for a walk at least and see if you can run. If you can run comfortably, do. If you can't don't. Settle for a brisk walk for however long you can manage. That way you won't loose your groove.
  10. Wow, that's just around the corner. Do you know how far you ran today?
  11. Sorry to hear about your heart attack. Glad you are alright and that your missus will be running with you. Take care.
  12. When I said not bend the knee I meant on the uphill, not on the down hill. Down hill might be easier to run but there are a lot of potential injuries, even walking down hills, depending how steep.
  13. I did. But barely...Its funny that you just stopped by your car I get it though. Its like putting temptation right in your face, and having you not only run, but resist temptation. I have to keep running every time I run past my house, because all my cats sit around on the sidewalk giving me the evil eye ... so I have to keep going otherwise they will never let me live it down. Now we are going neck to neck...
  14. Oh, I am sorry to hear that .... especially seeing how passionate you are about running. I hope your break does you good and has the required effect. elliptical definitely involves bending knees. If you are going for a rest - you might as well take it all the way.. hope you Friday turns out to be a wonderful run leaving knee pain behind you forever...
  15. I will try that. Also read to make sure to take little steps and try not to bend the knee...
  16. Wow. I am still running in a T-Shirt. Real winter takes such a long time to get here.
  17. Haha Anne, actually, my adventurous side has been cured for a while... sticking to the straight and narrow at least for the next run.
  18. I don't think running a 45 minute 5K is bad for someone who has just started running. I was reading up on good times for 5k and I don't think I myself will ever get there - under twenty minutes? I don't think that is going to happen to me. If I was to run a 5K today (if I had the endurance, which I don't yet) It would probably be around 40 or 45 minutes. So what? I will probably reach the end of the program in the same boat you are in - with the endurance to run thirty minutes but not doing 5 k in that time. I will either set myself a longer time to run until I actually run 5k and then try knock a minute or two off each time I run. Or maybe do interval speed training at the end of the run. Don't worry about it. I don't consider myself old (I am a year older than you) but I have been around the block and I don't expect my body to perform like a twenty year old....
  19. Couch potato mode after run is very rewarding. Good for you Anne, sounds like you had a good run.
  20. I am left handed too! Anyway... Came back from W6D2 and first-time-ever-in-my-runner-shoes. Of course me being me, I could not make myself do my old route round and round my street, and had to go and face the hill again. First ten minutes were really easy, but really really easy. I thought it was a bit strange (maybe the fact that part of it was down hill and only part was uphill was the reason for the ease). The second ten minute run started at the bottom of the steep incline and I felt it right away. When I made it to the top I couldn't believe I had, and was seriously drained but did not give up. I kept running but I was worried because since this street is also circular, I was running towards the incline again and I didn't feel like doing it again... so I thought I would be smart, and take a shortcut....In between the circular streets we have steps and or zigzag paths for pedestrians. I thought I could run up a zig zag path, up to my street thus save myself the steep hill again. BIG mistake.... turns out I started this zigzag only a couple of minutes before the end of the run, and it also turns out that it was as steep as stairs at the end, so I walked for about 30 seconds at the very end... by that time, both my calves were cramping (as opposed to in my old shoes, when only my left calf would cramp :-)) but I still made myself run the last minute... so that I wouldn't feel as bad about walking the few seconds that I did. (walking? It was more like crawling...) Anyway, new shoes are interesting in a good way. I am not used to having any space in my running shoes, or to my feet moving at all but I will get used to that. My left calf didn't cramp at all, like it usually does, except when the right one did too, which means that the shoes are correcting whatever it was that was giving me a hard time....
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