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  1. Thats such a inspirational story Tati. I will be thinking of you and when l run l will use you as my inspiration, if thats ok.
  2. Here in Australia it means metres, so 1000mts is 1 kilometre. Which is a long distance for a beginner.
  3. Hi all Im middle aged and are going onto day 3, just a beginner. I also have started Crossfit and part of crossfit is running, sometimes upto 1600 mts. No all in one go. But increments. So can manage 400mts in one go, but with the feet dragging along the road. So in order to help myself l was recommended this app. So far its been a great little motivated app, just when my lungs are struggling for air in the run l hear that wonderful dong and walk for 90 seconds. It keeps me going along with my little dog that runs and walks along side me 85% of the time. If she can do it then l can. Without this apo l found l would run then walk, but easily drop the ball when my lungs started struggling, not anymore, not sure how l will go week four or five. The potential is there for more strides forward rather than backwards. So heres hoping l can do this before knees give me trouble.
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