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  1. Week 8 day 3, completed, yeah still not the full distance though! Can't believe I did it!
  2. Wk 8 d2 completed nearly there!
  3. Thanks,good idea, have to remember I couldn't run a minute before!
  4. Wk 8 d 1 complete hadn't run for over a week! But done it very slowly though!
  5. Finished week 7, onto week 8 next week, hip seems better!!
  6. Changed my route,still put an extra bit on as not quite 25 mins, first time with hills!! Managed it hoping the hip problem will not recur!
  7. Keep going I really struggled at first but have reached wk 7 you can do it!
  8. MelB

    hip pain

    Wk7 d1 done in the rain with running clothes,treated myself at the weekend. Need to find a new route now it's getting longer.
  9. MelB

    hip pain

    Thanks Trish, will look into a foam roller Steve!
  10. MelB

    hip pain

    Can't believe it completed wk 6 day 3 on my 5th birthday! Didn't think I cld run a minute never mind 22! Aches n pains later I think!
  11. MelB

    hip pain

    Changed route completed wk 6 d2!! Hurrah
  12. MelB

    hip pain

    Started up again had a break for a week as off work and away tried wk 6 day 2 again nearly did it!
  13. MelB

    hip pain

    Hi thanks for advice n support, completed wk 6 day 1, am determined to get on track, hip ok so far!
  14. Did wk5d3 but having pain in left hip still so started walking the route for now.
  15. Done wk5 d2, didn't think I cld do 8 minutes but I did not sure about next time with 20 minute!
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