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  1. Hi everyone. Thanks so much for your replies. I went back out tonight and managed it much better
  2. So disappointed. After successfully completing Week 9 Day1+2 I seem to have fallen flat on my face. I felt tired and I got caught in torrential rain. My diet has been very poor this week. Could this have affected it. I'm so worried I'll lose my confidence now and not go back to it
  3. Thank you! I completed week 4 tonight. Felt great. Terrified about week 5!
  4. Thanks TrishE. I really appreciate that
  5. Week4 Day1 knocked my confidence a bit because I struggled with part of the run due to a hill. This time I chose I flatter route and completed it successfully. I'm definitely going to stick to this and incorporate hills once I have completed c25k. So glad to have found this app ☺
  6. Just did this but had to stop on 3rd run as it was uphill and felt like I would be sick. Managed the rest though.Confidence knocked a little. Any advice please?
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