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Found 12 results

  1. "Runner's knee" is a common complaint among runners. How did you overcome this obstacle?
  2. I did this program in January 2016, kept with it all year and ran a marathon in November of the same year. I wanted to continue running, but long story short, I was stuck inside all of 2017 with severe nerve damage in my legs. I now got the all clear from my PT to try running again, so I'm going to start again with w1d1 tomorrow. Has anyone else here tried running after an injury like this? I'm cautiously hopeful... Any tips or advice would be appreciated! thanks! Sarah
  3. I had my left ankle injured a month back and had a swollen foot for few days. The pain was really high for few days and after which the swelling and pain reduced comparatively. But the pain does sustain now and it gets worse when I get a small twist or something like that while walking. My right ankle also had a similar problem but is not intense as this. Is running with these ankle injuries okay for my feet or will it make the situation worse. I would love to hear from you guys.
  4. tarottee

    Knee Pain

    I'm working my way through the 10k program and I am finding that my knees hurt but not when running, it is just when moving around, I'm also finding the psoas is tight & uncomfortable. I'm increasing my yoga at the minute to help stretch me and to relieve some shin splint in the the ankles but wondered if anyone had any tips for the knees & psoas? Thanks
  5. The dreaded shin splints. We've all had them. Which running technique/stretches has helped you the most to overcome this painful condition?
  6. Hi i just started running like 2months. just recently started this c25k. today just finished my week 2 day 1. However, i realized that everytime after a run my right side hip is in pain..only right though causes me to limp when i walk. seems to be more painful when i climb up stairs compare to when i go downstairs. what seems to be causing this? the pain is mostly on the outer side of the right hip. i run 3 to 4 times a week. currently every run like 3km only.
  7. Hi there, not really an injury as such however this seemed the best place to post. I'm at the 5K mark finally but I find the thighs are really tightening when running & so it's making it harder than it should be to do the 5K, also finding the inner calf muscle on my right leg is tight & a bit uncomfortable. I finished my run 5 hours ago and yet still feel tight. I do my warm up & cool down as the app suggested but any other suggestions would be good. Thanks
  8. Hello! I just downloaded the app and I am going to be starting my first 30 minutes tomorrow! I am a teacher and figured I would start this once our big holiday break was finished in order to set my workout pattern correctly. I tore my achilles on April 3, 2015. Waited a month and then had surgery (long story). I just finished therapy, but I gained a bunch of weight for being inactive and I am only about 85-90% back to full strength. I wanna get back into shape starting with this app! I am not a great runner, but I only see positive reviews from this thing. Any tips or advice would be wonderful! I know I will struggle and prone to complaining. I need a support system to get through it. Here Goes Nothing!
  9. To foam roll or not to foam roll? I've read articles saying to ffoam roll before a run, another said to do it afterwardds and another said not to do it as it can cause more harm than good......HELP! Thanks
  10. tarottee

    Knee Pain

    Hi all, finally made it to the 22 minute stage which I am really pleased with, 25 tomorrow!!! In the meantime my knees really ache after today's run, my sports massage person is coming Friday so hope she can sort it out but in the meantime is there anything I can do to help it? Thanks
  11. So my name is Brittany and I'm hoping to get off my couch, lose weight, alleviate some of my back pain, get healthy, and get happy! I'm 23 and suffer from constant back pain due to a traumatic and partially unheard injury I acquired almost 2 years ago. I live in Michigan almost no just realized that it is October and I'm going to have to think of something crafty once there's snow on the ground. Can't risk doing any walking or running outside since one little slip could really mess me up. Please give me suggestions if you have any, lol! I'm currently at the highest weight of my life and I'm dying to do something about it!
  12. So I am very new to this app and I've never done anything like this before. I used to be a cross country runner number one in track and volleyball. After coming to college I gained some weight and my motivation for sports went away. Then just a year ago I broke my spine and crushed the right side of my body in an accident. It's been a year and I have almost fully recovered I even began boxing classes to help regain some strength in my back. I want to start running again to lose the 60+ lbs I gained during college so my question is did any of you see really great results after finishing or even beginning? I know running is of course always good for losing weight but I'm afraid after many attempts at trying to lose the weight it won't happen :/ I need lots of motivation and I don't know where to find it!
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