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Yeah holter. I hope its ok. I hear friday. Then I hope to be running again.

"If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now".    Read this today, a great quote and one I'll recall regularly on this jo

Boy I'm having trouble with motivation. On each run day I want to quit. Then I can't wait until the run is over. I feel some accomplishment after I'm done but I'm worried one of these days I might

On W3D1 but after being down a week with a migraine and making a mistake yesterday in the program(somehow was on W5D1 yikes), I am going to try to do W3D1 today which is what I should have done yesterday.  LOL  I am having a little self doubt that I will be ready for the 5k on May 1st but I assume that is normal.  Little hard on myself but migraine meds pretty much knock me out and I cannot risk doing anything on those days.

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Really didnt want to but I made it through W9D2. Being able to come on here and tell you guys that I did it motivated me. Also I am signed up for a 5K May 7th. The run was a tough one today. Struggled through it and was barely called jogging but I made it. I hope I will be ready for next week. Three 15 minute runs. Sounds tough.

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I only have one more run until I graduate from C25K. Gonna start the 10k app next week and I'm very apprehensive. I have to say, however, that coming across this thread is helping me a lot. Sometimes I feel like quitting as well but having had the experience of having to do that and then starting over is enough to make me push through. Look at all the progresses you've made. You don't want to start over and face week 1 all over again. The only possible way is forward. I think you're doing awesome! Thank you so much for sharing how you're doing and for making me see the 10k app is not impossible to run even though it looks like a massive jump.

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Hi Blayne


I started Week 9 this week myself and was looking forward to the 1 minute breaks through the routine but having done the 1st session last night I actually thought the breaks took me out of my stride!  Think I might run better just keeping going through the session.  Just wondering if you use another app alongside the c10k?  I use runkeeper to keep me at a specific pace through the run otherwise I'd be goosed after about 15 minutes.  Perhaps you're going off too quick?  I found that my splits over the 4 miles I was getting slightly quicker as I run and that's mostly through pacing myself right.  If you're not tracking your pace I'd strongly advise it.  Hopefully you'll start to love running, I used to hate it but the last few months I've grown to love it!


Good luck!

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