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  1. "If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now". Read this today, a great quote and one I'll recall regularly on this journey!
  2. Hi Blayne I started Week 9 this week myself and was looking forward to the 1 minute breaks through the routine but having done the 1st session last night I actually thought the breaks took me out of my stride! Think I might run better just keeping going through the session. Just wondering if you use another app alongside the c10k? I use runkeeper to keep me at a specific pace through the run otherwise I'd be goosed after about 15 minutes. Perhaps you're going off too quick? I found that my splits over the 4 miles I was getting slightly quicker as I run and that's mostly through pacing myself right. If you're not tracking your pace I'd strongly advise it. Hopefully you'll start to love running, I used to hate it but the last few months I've grown to love it! Good luck!
  3. Thanks Torus! Congrats to all that start the programme, these are everyones numbers!
  4. Today is a good day, I've finished the 8 weeks and loved it so much I put an extra half mile in as I felt pretty fresh. I'm so motivated to start the 10k programme next week. Not bad for someone who hadn't done any running for 8 years and was a true couch potato at the start. I've been using runkeeper since I started this back at the beginning of February so I thought it might be good to share some stats. I hope it's a motivation for others and doesn't put anyone off continuing with their programme. I had no repeat days so here goes with the info: 8 weeks 24 activities 67 miles! 14:30 average pace - 1st week 11:02 average pace - final week 9,491 calories burned 12 lbs weight lost I was never really a big fan of running previously but I think I've got the bug now...at last. It took long enough (I'm mid 40's!). One thing is key with the programme....it was 70% mental and 30% physical for me. Get your head right from the start and you'll make it through. There's a couple of weeks that feel like a sudden jump in effort. Just get through them and don't quit! I was fortunate enough to get through without any injuries and I hope everyone else has the same good fortune. Good Luck!!
  5. For anyone reading this topic and aren't sure about the app let me tell you...it's incredible! The whole idea of the app is to provide a sensible approach to getting off that couch with a goal in mind of getting to 5K within 8 weeks! I know for a fact if I tried that without the app I'd have failed miserably through trying to do too much at the start and probably injuring myself in the process. This app worked perfectly for me, I'm on W8 D2 and can't wait to get started on the 10K when I've finished this one because I trust how the program works. I strongly recommend another app to track distance/pace etc but don't drop this one - it's the perfect guide to build you up to where you need to be after 8 weeks
  6. Great story and a great loss - 30 lbs! That's superb, you should be very proud, well done and good luck with week 3 and beyond!
  7. That's an interesting read, it's great that you're still going despite the boredom - you don't have long till you're finished up! I started using the RockMyRun app around Week 2 and haven't looked back! It's a free app and I think it was recommended via zenlabs. It's got a huge range of tunes that can be matched to your running pace and it definitely helps keep me going through the run. I'm now on Week 7 and am enjoying the course much more than I thought I would. The ramp up to no walking makes a difference but I'm coping fine. In fact yesterday I run through the cool down so I guess I couldn't have been struggling too much One thing I am wondering is how much liquids people are consuming as they do their run. I suspect I'm not taking enough but I dread making myself bloated as I go around. It's the same with food, I always run in the evening and don't eat dinner until after I've completed the run. One thing is for sure - I'll be jumping up to the 10k program after this one finishes....I'm getting the bug
  8. Minimal pain, eh, sounds like things are getting better for you. Excellent! Hopefully the next run you will have no pain at all. Also, I didn't know that about bananas, I'll be sure not to cut them outta my diet! Good luck.
  9. Hi Mike I've been on this 4 weeks now and am absolutely loving C25K. I'd practically done no exercise for about 7 years and was desperate to get myself back on track as I was slowly getting higher up the scales with each passing year. I finally put a halt to that weight increase and over these four weeks I've lost 10 pounds by following this great app and being sensible about my eating (also using the myfitnesspal app). Just get that first week over you and hopefully you'll catch the bug. It's very normal to feel nervous about kicking this off but you just have to make a start and you'll be fine. One other app I'd recommend is RockMyRun, listening to some tunes definitely helps to keep you going and there's a vast selection on there. As for the running shoes, I went with some New Balance M680v3's and highly recommend them. Nothing too costly and very comfortable. Good luck, hope it goes well for you! Looking forward to hearing of your progress....
  10. Hi TheAnon There's nothing more frustrating than being willing but not able to complete a stage. I wonder if it is worth trying the stage again on grass? A softer surface might just help get you round without you being in agony. Regardless of what you plan to do I'd make sure you take a few days off to recover, what you're going through sounds awful. Keep us all posted on your progress and good luck!
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