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  1. Can you believe it. I actually did it! The first km was up a slight hill, I got a stitch and my breathing was horrible. I nearly started crying but then was like, you got this, you've been running 5km at training a few weeks ....... Then I just settled into a rhythm and the last 4km was good! So grateful for the c25k app and these forums, I'm now doing the 10k app . Good luck to everyone else aiming for their first 5km fun run, honestly if I can do it, anybody can !!!
  2. That's my thinking too as I'm really slow .....
  3. I'm more worried about tripping and getting injured I'm a klutz
  4. Struggled this morning but got there. My first 5k fun run is Sunday, fingers crossed
  5. KellyAnn that is gold !!! I wouldn't know whether to laugh at her or punch her
  6. Anyone on here from south Australia? I'm pretty over running in the morning pitch black and can't wait for daylight savings to change in April. How do you guys cope with the running early morning in the black?
  7. I am also not a morning person but it really is the best time for me due to work on-call etc - try as I might night running doesn't happen. I force myself - clothes out night before, get my half banana ready, phone and music charged up, alarm set. When it goes I force myself up right away and no snooze. Once I get out running I think, this is great, so peaceful, quiet. I wouldn't say I love my training sessions yet, but after I feel great. Good luck
  8. I'd like to think I can get to expand to 10k. With my 5k so slow it seems impossible
  9. Ok need some encouragement here, have slowly progressed thru the c25k and am now registered for my first 5km fun run on 3 April. Slightly shitting myself to say the least! I'm really slow, taking 45-50 mins to complete 5km but my goal is just to finish! Wish me luck !
  10. Did 4.9km by full moonlight at 5.30am. First run in ages I feel great !!!
  11. I graduated the c25k last year - never a runner in my life! I hadn't done a good run for 6 weeks, eaten a lot, drank a whole lot of red wine. This morning I set my 5.30am alarm ...... Knew it was going to be a struggle re-starting ...... But boy I feel great now. I'm determined to get fit again and run 2-3x per week. I need to stay motivated! (And lose weight ..... Again ......)
  12. Those beagles will be good running mates! Good luck
  13. I'm still "running" ..... Kinda shuffling ...... My 4/5km but very slowly. Sometimes I feel I could power walk quicker! I feel like I'm burning more calories though and sweating more, so it's gotta be doing something right??!!!!
  14. Speedingsloth - where abouts in Aus? I'm in a country town in south Australia
  15. Good going speeding sloth ! If you flick around you'll see lots of my posts about me running very slowly but I'm on week 8 now doing 28 mins still only about 4km in that time. Heaps of great answers from regulars like Azatol, Ruthie, Anne, KellyAnn ...... Endurance first ...... Then either work on speed which naturally will increase distances, or extend from 5km to the next distance (10km) but that's too much for me at this time, so my plan is to get to 30-35 min and work at speed to 5km for my first race. Good luck !
  16. Michellejoy - how are you going with your journey?
  17. Week 4 was when I started repeating sessions Anne but then week 5 was pretty good. Sounds like you are progressing easily
  18. Thanks guys - yes azatol my dream is just to complete a 5km run first - then improve my times. But I'm starting to enjoy running and as I get fitter I might extend to 10km although that is way down the track. It was beyond my wildest dreams 8 weeks ago I would get capable of doing a 5km run but now I'm running 28 mins I think realistically I can get to 5km. Medals definitely not a consideration - just personal development . Thanks again
  19. Ok probably stupid question but I don't know how to tackle my issue. I'm a new runner, 47 overweight, and have progressed to week 8. I get the point about build endurance first - which I am - started could hardly run 30 secs, now doing 28 mins. As I keep running, even at 30 mins at my current pace in going around 4 - 4.2km only. So ...... Should I just build up my time (30 mins, then 33 mins, 35 mins, 40 mins). Or should I just use my GPS and clock the 5km distance and train to this ? I'd like to register for my first 5km next feb or March but at my current level it's going to take me 45-50 mins. Not sure how to build to running the distance rather than just time on the road! Interval speed training has been recommended and I'm prepared to do this if people think it will get me doing an actual 5km distance so I'm prepared to an actual race (fun run!). All comments appreciated!
  20. Anne - just did wk 8 day 1 this morning at 5.30 as it's going to be 39 today. It went fine! Surprised myself after my week 7 struggles thought that extra 3 mins might mean some walking. Not saying it was easy, the last 500m the legs were getting fatigued but I pushed thru and to hear the "1 minute left" announcement gave me the last spurt of energy. Thanks for checking my progress! How are you all going?
  21. I'm here most days too, I agree updating keeps me accountable. I'm also here to lose weight and get fit, and I want to find running fun eventually!
  22. Sean you'll be here before you know it. Thanks Ann and rob it's sure a journey, I'm slow but actually enjoying the challenge!
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