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New, nervous, skeptical...


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Literally, I'm a couch potato. I'm 38 next week, and gained a ton of weight in nursing school. I woke up yesterday and decided it was time to make some changes. Stumbled upon this app, thought I'd give it a try. Any advice? Does it really work? I mean, literally. Couch potato. It seems to good to be true, but I'm going to give it my all, soon as I get off work this morning. Appreciate tips, advice, and/or encouragement!

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The simple of it is YES, the app works. The Couch to 5K program is a rather old program. It's a scientifically sound method of achieving a 30 minute sustained run built up to with gentle increases that the body can handle and adapt to. The the running program itself predates the app. The app is simply an efficient delivery method that keeps the interval times, provides cues and lets you listen to music. Many thousands of runners (present company included) got to where we are today by starting with this program. The biggest road block is usually your mind. You CAN do this and don't let your brain tell you differently.



Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right - Henry Ford,

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Welcome aboard


I think you'll surprise yourself if you go for it. After the end of week 1, I had the desire to watch my diet. By week the end of the second week I had lost a couple pounds. Around that time, I really had a strong desire to run.


Blink of a eye...


Now I'm starting the 10K program. I've lost 6.4 kg/14 lbs; I'm running a 30 min 5K (less than 24 min is my goal). Mentally, I feel a new clarity which came from the improvement in self esteem. I have more energy for my two small children (I didn't want them to have a tired old man for dad). Since I've started, I have watched less than 6-7 hours of TV.


You can do it!!! Be patient and give yourself this gift of fitness.

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This is great Rob , i am really proud of you.


Dynaper, you will do great wih this. We are all here for you cheering you on.


Our apps are all amazing, while the C25k app is one of our original 'old' apps, we are updating them all the time and you will be impressed with the ease of your training. The encouragement from everyone here is astounding here. You can do this! We are never too old to work our bodies.


Keep it up and Keep us posted. Good luck!!!!!!

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Dynaper, This. Program. Works. I've never been able to stick with any exercise program or run for more than 30 seconds without shin pain prior to this program.


I was very depressed and for over a year sat at my work desk for 8 hours a day (I'm a receptionist so my boss literally gave me the evil eye whenever I left my desk) and then I'd come home and sit on the couch or floor and stuff my face until I fell asleep. It was a sad, lonely time in my life.


I started this program 7 weeks ago (to this day) with no background in running or fitness. My muscles were (and still are) not strong enough to support me completely (I am 75 pounds overweight now). But I was determined to do this. I gave myself Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning to commit to a session. One session at a time. Spreading the run days out gave my muscles time to recover and rebuild. I've increased my run days depending on body condition of each particular week.


It wasn't until very recently that I've been able to reign in my calorie intake and sleep. When you run (you will become addicted), you start changing your eating habits and sleeping habits in order to run easier. 


Give this program all you have. The only thing you have to lose is the weight from nursing school.

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