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Was nervous but dominated my W2D1 run. Super excited. Can't wait till Wednesday for D2. Can't wait for my first 5k. Drinking a gallon of water a day. Eating healthy. Trying to change my life...good

I will get it done Monday. I have to be able to run 5k by January 1st. I will not walk any of this race. My goal anyways. Ruthie. Now that we're neck and neck it's giving me a little more accounta

Got it done. Feel confident in the 28 minute segments. I mean. What's 3 more min after running 25 minutes haha. Happy running everyone

So weird how one day it's easy and the next it's hard again. I need a redo. Walked about 2 minutes halfway into it...I think I may have picked up the pace on accident now that I think about it

You got out and you run. We all have bad days. The good news is they are usually followed by a good one. You'll nail it on the redo.

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I haven't ran since my last post. I still get on and read though. Work has been nuts. On 30 minute break right now. Good thing is I still have room hustle pretty hard running back and forth at work. So I take advantage of it. Not getting winded anymore. Saturday morning going to hit w8d1. Good job on finishing ruthie. I am by no means quiting

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