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  1. Imnotfatimfluffy

    Second workout, still alive-calves in pain?

    Thank you so much what shoes would you recommend ? Maybe that would help! I hope it gets better soon, I keep running out of air but I guess that's ok for someone like me, who has stayed away from cardio her entire life lol
  2. Second run ever... for someone who is overweight and a smoker I think I'm doing quite well...! Felt I was going to pass out at some point but I survived, pushed through, and every time I finish my workout I feel great... so yeah... guess that's about it for now... although my calves hurt from time to time, hope that's normal! Any thoughts?
  3. Imnotfatimfluffy

    Yes, I Can

    Just finished my first workout too! Felt I was going to die half way but I'm glad I pushed through!!