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  1. Hi i just started running like 2months. just recently started this c25k. today just finished my week 2 day 1. However, i realized that everytime after a run my right side hip is in pain..only right though causes me to limp when i walk. seems to be more painful when i climb up stairs compare to when i go downstairs. what seems to be causing this? the pain is mostly on the outer side of the right hip. i run 3 to 4 times a week. currently every run like 3km only.
  2. Hi there! Im new to running and just discover this app. just done my first week day 1. im glad i manage to finish it! I been feeling like my life is a mess right now.and i hope by doing this i can challenge myself and improve myself in life too. And so i hope i will manage to run 5k soon!
  3. Hi there! Im new too! i just finished ny week 1 day 1!
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