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  1. Oh, yeah, isn't that so weird!! I'll feel exhausted, but then get distracted by a show on TV and 20 mins later I'll suddenly realize the time as flown by. Then when I focus on the time again, I "suddenly" feel exhausted. Hmmmmm..... Yep, most of it is all mental!
  2. Something interesting to note (for me, anyway) When I had been running 5K for a couple of weeks, I still felt like it was so tough - a struggle - difficult. It felt exhausting. But a friend said to me "running is 90% mental." I thought about that the next time I was on the treadmill and I realized something very surprising. Half way through the run when I was moaning and complaining to myself, I realized I wasn't actually tired. My legs felt just fine. In fact, I felt pretty good "physically" and I certainly wasn't exhausted. I was just moaning to myself because I "thought" I was
  3. Yeah, I'd do the same thing. I have a habit of pushing when I shouldn't, which made a tennis elbow take much longer to heal than it should of. Then, shoulder tendinitis that took longer because I overdid things. I've finally learned my lesson :-)
  4. Yeah, that's pretty common from what I've heard. I was actually just reading up on transitioning from the treadmill to outside (I do 10K 4 x week only on the treadmill). I learned: Forces are greater outdoors than on a treadmill which has some "bounce" to it. This means your body feels more impact. Movements vary much more outside as the ground is never totally flat and surfaces can be uneven. You have to propel yourself forward more outside, whereas the treadmill helps propel you forward with the movement of the tread. Unless you have an accurate GPS, your speed is
  5. Hi there, Well, I did power yoga 3+ times a week from a "formal exercise" standpoint, but no cardio. I also did daily walks with the dog, and consider myself active in general. But first time I got onto that treadmill, literally after 30 seconds I wanted to give up. I think that people can call themselves physically fit, but when it comes to running for first timers it feels like any fitness built up has gone out of the window :-)
  6. I just made it to 10K - would love to hear all about your progress!!! I followed the C25K then moved to 10K and followed it pretty religiously :-)
  7. Hi everyone! I'd like to post my experience on being an absolute beginner to running and getting to the 10k mark. I found it very difficult in the beginning, and wanted to share some things I've learned and some tips that will hopefully help others. I started off doing the Zenlabs C25K and moved straight up to their 10K app. My fitness level was average, and all my running was done on a treadmill. It took 12 weeks and I'm 47 yrs. old. When I first started out it was hard. I mean, OMG I really wanted to get each running session over with. I hated it, complained to myself all the
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