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  1. I started this once before and quit, it seemed I just couldn't build my wind up, turns out it was a heart issue 2 stent in the widow maker in August, Doctor gave me the go ahead. So I am starting again let's see how it works with both sides of my heart working.
  2. My have to do goal is 1.5 miles in 15 minutes, that's a must do for work. But for myself I would like to do a Spartan type of race for fun, and to fight off old age as long as I can.
  3. Hello I am Hank, back for second try. Last time I gave up on myself, but I have been doing a slow and steady exercising plan of my own making and I am lot stronger, so I really expecting better of myself this time around. Monday is day one.
  4. HankP


    This my second attempt at this but now I have a goal and better mind set
  5. Next week is week 3 for me, we will see on that 3 minute jog...
  6. I am training for a warrior dash in mid July, I am on day 2 of week 2. So if I stay on schedule I should be good. After my 30 minutes on the thread mill I hit the weight machines and bar bells One of those things I have always wanted to try.
  7. HankP


    Hi my name is Hank and tomorrow will be day 2 of week 2, I have ways to go. Been working on being healthy a bit over a year now, and this is phase 2, a 5K, picked the one I want it's in July. If I don't mess up I should be ready
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