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  1. Hi Tomy, I can understand your problem. No worries, you can easily deal with your over weight. Before going to HCG diet, first know what is HCG and How to follow HCG diet. What Is The HCG Diet? HCG or human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is produced by everyone, though it is produced in greater concentrations in pregnant women. It aids in the normal metabolism of a woman during pregnancy as well as aids in the healthy growth of the fetus through fat metabolism even if the mother has restricted eating or intake of nutrients - the idea of developing HCG diet as a weight loss product stemmed from the same principle. When the HCG is produced, it actually asks the body to burn the abnormal fat reserves into energy. But, these abnormal fat reserves are present deep inside and far inside the body. There is no other weight loss supplement that can reach the areas and help in the burning. However, an HCG injection taken for weight loss reaches through blood and brings in the result pretty soon. The hormone also hastens metabolic rate which will help you burn the fat unusually quicker. And as because the metabolism rate has changed and became better it becomes lot easier to shed few more pounds with the HCG diet. Please go through this source for in-detailed article on HCG diet : besthcgdropswebsite.com/hcg-diet/ Now, whether this diet works or not? YES, THIS IS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL DIET. But, you need to follow all 4 stages without attempting a single mistake. You can find all 4 stages from above mentioned source. Please let me know if you still have any questions on HCG diet. I am ready to help.
  2. Especially run out on wt field it helps you decrease the tension on your joints and is more safer.
  3. Competitive eaters have proven this point. Google Nathans' Hot Dog Eating Competition and watch thevideo of a champ who stuffed 72 hotdogs into his stomach in 10 minutes. Clearly, he had to train his gut to be able to complete that task. Competitive eating is unlikely your goal, but you may want to be competitive in your sport. That means you need to fuel wisely in order to perform optimally. While some "keto-runners" choose to train their bodies to rely on fat for fuel (fat is less likely to cause GI distress), training the gut is a far easier alternative for most of us.
  4. Stretching should be done after you finished your jogging.
  5. 6 Surprising Times When a Workout Might do You Good There are many surprising scenarios when, while you might be tempted to lounge on the couch, exercise is actually just what the doctor ordered. This includes: Recovering from Surgery Hitting the gym after you've had minor surgery can be highly beneficial, helping to both decrease side effects and get you back into the swing of your daily life faster. You will, of course, need to be mindful of the level of intensity and avoid exercises that may stress a surgical incision or repair, but generally speaking the sooner you can get moving after surgery, the better. Cancer Patients Exercising during and after cancer treatment can help reduce your risk of dying from cancer; reduce your risk of cancer recurrence; boost energy; and minimize the side effects of conventional cancer treatment. A report by Macmillan Cancer Support notes that cancer patients and cancer survivors should exercise at least 2.5 hours a week,3 and cites an excerpt from the American College of Sports Medicine consensus statement on exercise guidelines for cancer survivors, which states: "Exercise is safe both during and after most types of cancer treatment... Patients are advised to avoid inactivity and return to normal daily activities as soon as possible after surgery, and during adjuvant cancer treatments." Osteoarthritis or Joint Pain If you have joint pain, exercise is a must; it helps prevent and relieve joint pain through a number of mechanisms, including strengthening key supportive muscles, restoring flexibility, improving bone density and joint function, and facilitating weight loss. The notion that exercise is detrimental to your joints is a misconception, as there is no evidence to support this belief. Quite the contrary, actually, as inactivity promotes muscle weakness, joint contractures, and loss of range of motion, which can lead to more pain and loss of function, and even less activity. To break this potentially devastating cycle, regular exercise is essential. If you have osteoarthritis or joint pain and you find that you're in pain for longer than one hour after your exercise session, you should slow down or choose another form of exercise. Assistive devices are also helpful to decrease the pressure on affected joints during your workout. You may also want to work with a physical therapist or qualified personal trainer who can develop a safe range of activities for you. If the exercise causes pain that persists longer than several hours it most likely was too much.
  6. Try to avoid warming up on the most challenging terrain on the course as this will cause unnecessary fatigue pre-race. If the terrain is very wet and slippery then it’s best to try and warm up on nearby roads or tarmac paths.
  7. In some cross country races your club or team may be assigned a specific pen or position on the start line, which is of course very much out of your control. However, if this is not the case then it can be important to consider your starting position. Some courses narrow very quickly or involve sharp bends shortly after the start so to avoid becoming ‘boxed in’ or ‘squeezed’ on the first turn you should consider where on the start line will give you the clearest run.
  8. Hi Mrs Burch have you gone through my advice.
  9. JChap see that you eat something inorder to recharge your body. Your stomach should empty for more than eight hours, If it so you will develop gastric problems and pain in the stomach. Also you will feel overweight due to build up of gas in stomach.
  10. Hi Joan, Can we try apple cider vinegar to lose weight if so kindly help me what is the best time I can take for best results. I have to lose nearly 20 pounds in one month is my target for this month.
  11. But organic foods are hard to find. But you said is apt because food is the natural medicine which when given in some order can cure any disease.
  12. Hi Burch, Running in the evening hours is a good practice. You can run for 30 min with 5 min break after 15 minutes run-up initially. After one week you can increase upto 1 hour. But keep in mind your diet should be taken care off.
  13. Black eyes pees gives you best results if you really need to decrease your weight. Eat at-least 30 gram and add half a slice of apple to your breakfast for quick results.
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