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  1. My step mom was diagnosed with Brain Lung and Bone cancer. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that could give me some insight.
  2. I was thinking about doing a detox for my body but there are so many. I don't know what would be a safe one. Does anybody have some ideas.
  3. My girlfriend's birthday is coming up in a few months and i want to do a week long of gift baskets and such to send to her job. She was told that she is pre diabetic. So i want to make sure i get things that she can use and be good for her health. Does somebody have some ideas?
  4. My girlfriend went to a nutritionist and she told my girlfriend to cut out oatmeal eggbeaters for egg whites. It doesn't sound like sound advice to me. I don't want my girlfriend to starve herself or deprive herself from proper eating habits. Her doctor said she is pre diabetic and is worried about her eating habits. So she is treating the nutritionist advice as gossple. What can i do to help her eat right?
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