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  1. Hi! Im fairly new here. Me and a group of work colleagues recently decided to start running in our spare time. We meet at least once a week, but to help in between Iv been using C25K to keep me motivated... however iv hit an issue!! When I run/jog in group I regularly feel sick, figured it was just because it was early morning (I'm not a morning person) and often haven't had a proper breakfast. However, tonight following app, with the dog, I started getting stomach cramps, which I decided to slowly jog through... until I was stopped in my tracks to be sick in the hedge. Have I pushed it to far to fast?? Do others experience this? And how do I overcome it?? I don't want this to stop my running, as I'm actually starting to enjoy it. But I'm not good with sick, and I don't think I can cope with this regularly. Help
  2. KellyAnn if i ran backwards id probably land on my bum!! Haha
  3. Thank you for all your messages! Your all so motivational!! I love these forums just as much as i love running!! (Yes, the couch potato just said she loves running!! Haha) Love coming on to read everyones progress and journey so far, problem is, it makes me get motivated so i dont seem to have time to leave my comments Everyone is doing soo well! Today iv completed week 6! YAY! And was thinking next week i might try running my route the opposite way, which would mean running a section uphill!! (I always run down it) add a little extra challenge.
  4. lets take a step back to 2014, and the lazy couch potato. Ok, so I walked my dog everyday, but that was about it!! Oct 2014 i found some motivation from somewhere and decided i need to loose weight! C25K and MyFitnessPal got downloaded! Every week i struggled but pushed on with determination!! Even after twisting my knee/hip slipping on mud, i had a few extra days rest, but i did not give up. Dec 2014 i nearly completed week5, nearly!! The thing that let me down, i had to stop half way thru 20min run on day3 due to a coughing fit, but i did finish!! I then gave up, i came down with a cold, complete lack of energy, christmas and new year being busy anyway C25K and MyFitnessPal got put on the back burner. 2015, i wasnt going to be that person to make a new years resolution and start again new years day, because i wasnt ready!! Until this week!! That little motivator in my head it back!! Could be partly realising i lost 11lb before Christmas and hav put 4lb back on hahaha. I have today COMPLETED WEEK 5!!! Not knowing whether to start back on week 5 where i left off or go back to week 4 i started with the "i can always repeat it" After a very positive week 5 day 1, i didnt want the disapointment of failing day 3 again!! Today, ok, so its 20mins straight! I did hav 2 unscheduled stops, first was dog needing toilet, second was shoe laces coming untied!! I paused App as quick as i could, and started jogging 30secs before starting App again (to allow for time it took to get phone out of my pocket) -- these both happened within first 4mins, many would think this is a sign to give up, not me, this made me more determined!!! And after the "begin your cooldown" prompt i actually continued for a further 2mins (and still felt like i could do more) I AM SOO PLEASED WITH MYSELF!! I have also treated myself to a FitBit today, lets make 2015 a positive year!!
  5. Happy New Year 2015 Everyone!! Week before Christmas I was forced to abandon my runs! I ran week5 day3, and probably would have completely finished it if i didnt stop for a coughing fit half way. But i did manage 2x 10mins, which i was really proud about. I then had a bad cold and chest infection, even though that cleared for Christmas day i have still been tired, so running was abandoned for longer! Well today, i thought id start where i left off, well nearly haha. I successfully finished week5 day1, followed by hour and half walk with the dog!! After 3weeks off im really impressed i finished!! Wasnt sure if id need to go back a further week or so! Really positive start to 2015 (even if i did gain 4lbs over christmas haha), and i hope for many more positive acheivements this year!!
  6. Im not feeling disheartend by this!! Infact im quite proud of myself!! 20mins jogging no walking was definatly due to be my biggest fitness challenge yet! And i knew when i started week 1 it was going to be hard! I managed 2x10mins with a 60sec walk mid way, reason i failed, i am currently supporting my first cold of the season, my chest went tight and a coughing fit started, so to walk for 60secs and then carry on to completion, yep definatly proud! I know now, that at full health i probably would hav finished! I am going to repeat week5, just because i want to know iv hit all targets. Looking though other posts, its great seeing so many people have suprised themselves on week5day3. Great job everyone!!
  7. Week 4 Day 3 might be a walk in the park after today. I took my dog with me, had to slip my headset out to concentrate on her (behavioural issues) must have missed the walk prompt, so kept running. Instead of 3min run, 90sec walk, 5min run.. I did 9.5min run!! Yikkes!! Still completed! Feeling really positive about Week 5. That positive, i did a victory lap around the housing estate, too much ??
  8. W3D2 complete. Had to do slightly slower pace as leg still alittle sore. Took my dog as shes loving these runs, and thought id brave taking mums SpanielX, he spent the whole run trying to get under my feet haha not helpful! Got on scales this morning, those dreaded scales!! In 3weeks iv lost 7lb woohhooo
  9. Slipped on mud, pulled a muscle in upper right leg. Iv hobbled round work today. Should be up for week3day2 tomorrow.
  10. I changed my mind today, instead of doing Week2 again.... I did WEEK3DAY1!!! Wooohhooo!! (I did get an injury, but completed it)
  11. Just finished W2, but I'm doing week W2 again!! W2D2 didnt exactly go to plan, phone crashed and so run wasnt completed with app, altho me and the dog did keep running sections of our walk. Want to make sure im ready for W3! Well done everyone! X
  12. Fixed this problem, i was being savvy with my phone and turning off notifications, background apps ect to save battery on iPhone.... Must hav accidentally turned off notifications! Whoops x
  13. Ok, Im at the end of week 2, and altho im doing week 2 again im pleased with my progress. Reason for starting week 2 again. I went out with full intention yesterday with my dog, to walk for abit first, follow run app, then walk the rest of the circuit home. Unfortunatly my phone crashed then i couldnt get app to work efficiently, so instead i ran as much as i could in longer bursts. Dont know how long or how far tho. Got app working again and today did W2D3 during my dog walk. Which my dog LOVED!!! Shes the best motivation ever, she ran perfect to my side and everytime we slowed to walk i got barked at and jumped round. Haha shes so funny! Cant wait to be able to run further with her!! She does of course come with some disadvantages, like stopping to toilet, altho she timed it perfect "begin cooldown" she stopped!! Haha But as we kinda didnt complete yesterdays, i wanna make sure im ready for W3 so think its best to do W2 again.
  14. im out with my dog, for first time taking her jogging with me. But for some reason prompts arent working, we hav restarted 3 times, at this rate im going to b shattered before even jogging help!
  15. Kez

    Hip pain

    Hi, Im more of a walker/hiker than a runner. Really starting the feel the difference. When i started last week i said id run Mon, Wedn, Fri work/time permitting... Well that failed!! W1D3 I was ok running, but after my right hip started hurting, this put me off abit, and iv had to take a few extra days rest. Feeling a little more positive this morning now iv done W2D1. Is there anything i can do to stop similar injuries again??
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