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  1. But I am unable to follow the strict diet while using the hcg drops. Can you provide me any recipes list which can be followed in HCG diet.
  2. Thank you very much for clear explanation on HCg diet and what it is.
  3. Hello Zenlabs Members, Thank you for giving opportunity to participate in your forums. I am Tommy from India. Currently perusing my degree as a Electronics engineer. My problem is Over weight. My mom said, i am obese since my childhood. Is there any way to deal with such problem? I really want to lose weight, want to build muscle, want to date with girls, want to enjoy like other men are doing. But, no girl loves me I heard HCG drops is the fastest way to lose weight. But need to follow strict low calorie diet. I am ready to follow any strict diet. But, is there any member from here can Guarantee weight loss using this weight loss method? If yes, please help me with best guidance. Also do send me if any references.
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