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  1. Thanks so much Consistently. I did it, Week 1 Day 1, today!
  2. After 6 weeks of procatination; Week 1, Day 1 It wasn't as bad as I expected though the walk home was a bit slower and with more stops than expected.
  3. Hi Emma... I know what you mean about having no modivation. I was told once (when unable to find any modivation to even get out of bed), Focus on action, don't search for motivation. Sometimes action has to come before modivation. You've already taken action by downloading this app and posting your message. What's your next action after that? An action related to your binge eating might be buying healthier food. An action related to you being unable to run around the block might be to just walk around it. Things like that. Change the way you think and you'll change your life. I'm a newbie here too. Did my Day 1 just today and right now am trying hard to get by on what I said, Focus on action, not modivation. One step, one action at a time. Good luck and take care.
  4. I hoping that putting my story out there and stating, "I will start tomorrow" is the final incentive I need to actually start tomorrow! I've been scared to hit that "Start" button on C25K for the last six weeks and am really tired of procatinating. I am a 46 year old woman, was moderately active and at a happy weight until 2 1/2 years ago when I dislocated and broke my ankle while ice-skating with my two young kids. It required surgery, a plate and six screws (which I still have). The recovery was somewhat difficult and it still bothers me from time to time so I've been pretty cautious with it. Since the accident then I've packed on 40 pounds and am now desperate to lose it and get my old active self back. Actually, I'm hoping for a better self now. Over the last two months I've gotten my 3 or 4-day/week workout (mostly walking with a teeny bit of jogging) down to my best today of 6.6km at 1.05:44 hour, 9:58 min/km (using MapMyRun). Hoping that's not too bad. So, no more procrastinating, tomorrow is the day I press start! And, I really mean it this time!
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