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  1. I began my C25K journey in June,and I am thrilled that I completed it this morning. After my husband of forty-four years passed away early earlier this year, I decided to take care of myself as my goal is to become fit. I began a walking and exercising program, so my daughter who is a runner suggested this app. I wondered if I could actually begin running at sixty-four, so I thought that I would try the app. I found this program to be amazing! I progressed beautifully until I completed week 7 run 2. I was only three runs away to reach my goal, but my muscles around my left knee began to complain. I had to begin walking instead of running for a little over a week. I did some strengthening exercises as well. I knew it was wise to listen to my body. I was disappointed that my progress was delayed, but I was determined to finish my goal.After my knee felt better, I spent a week working back up to where I left off. This last week, I discovered new muscles that I did not know I had! My legs were a bit sore, but I was faithful running the three days this week. It paid off! I was amazed that I became a runner at my age. I am not a fast runner, but I am becoming fit and losing weight. I still have a journey ahead of me as I want to improve my runs to run a 5k in October.In addition,another goal I have is to work up to running four miles. Thank you at Zen Labs for creating this great app. It truly works as I am living proof!
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