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  1. I had the same thought. I can run for 20 minutes, but I'm not running for 2 miles. Isn't that a little crazy for a beginning runner to think that we can run a 10 minute mile? Right now I'm lucky if I can do a 15 minute mile, but I'm working on time, not distance right now. I signed up for a 5K in a month, so I know I have to get there. And I will, but slooooooooowly. Wendy
  2. My guess is to get you ready for what comes after week 6. After week 6, it's all running from here on out, so you have to get used to it. I just made that realization today that there is no more walking in my training (besides warm up and cool down). Wendy
  3. When I first started using this app, I was the same. I would get to run 6 and only complete half, then I would skip 7 and 8 because I just couldn't do it. Today I just finished week 6 day 3, which is running for 22 minutes straight. It's up to you whether you want to repeat days, but I never did. I just kept moving forward. I'm not going to say that it gets easier (maybe after you complete the challenge), but it so worth it. Just remember why you decided to do this and stay focused. And try to push yourself a little further each time you run. I never thought I'd ever be able to run for 1 whole minute, but now when I look at the time and it says that I have 3 minutes left, I think, oh that's nothing, so your mentality will definitely change. Keep up the good work! You can do this! Wendy
  4. Abitofwit - I'm with you, except I was able to do the 3 minute run. It was the 90 second run that came after it that I struggled with. I ended up pausing the app and walked for about 10 minutes before starting up with the second 3 minute run. I have mapped out a 2 mile route, so I do walk a little bit extra in the beginning and end of the workout. Keep with it. It will be worth it. Every time I think about quitting because it's too hard, I just remind myself about how far I've come so far. I mean, a month ago, I never would've thought that I could actually run 3 minutes continuously. And right now, I can't picture running for 5 minutes straight, let along running an actual 5K, but one thing I know for sure. I definitely won't get there if I stop. I hate exercise completely, so for me to be excited for my next run is thrilling. I hope that I keep this feeling going. Wendy
  5. I'm new to running. I just started week 3 today and it was a struggle. I'm also running with a dog because we both need the exercise (she's overweight like me!). She walks/runs okay on the leash, until she sees another dog. That's why we have to run in the early morning. Well, today, I started off a little later than I should have and we encountered 2 dogs in their fenced in area when we were supposed to be running the 1st 90 seconds, so I only made it about 45 seconds before she started pulling me in all directions. So then we made it through the 90 second walk, then I made it through the 3 minute jog, which really shocked me. So after the 3 minute walk, you are supposed to repeat (90 seconds, then 3 minutes for jog/walk). I made it about 45 seconds and I had to walk. Then I paused the app until I knew I would be on flatter land to get through the next 3 minute jog, which I did. My question is - did anyone else struggle through the 90 second jog after completing the 3 minute jog? I can say that I am really proud of myself for completing the 3 minutes. I know that doesn't seem like much for the 5K and 10K runners now, but its really amazing to me. When I got back home, I went on us.mapometer.com to measure how far I ran in that 3 minutes and I figured it out to be about a quarter mile. I know I have a ways to go to run 3 miles, but hey, I'm 1/12 of the way there. :-) Wendy
  6. I had similar issues. I would start each run, but I found myself stopping the run at around 60 seconds (or less sometimes). Out of 6 runs in the daily workout, I've probably made it all the way through at least 4 of them and at least started the other 2. I wasn't sure myself if I should progress to the next level since it didn't feel like I fully finished the previous level. I guess what I do is look at what the next week is going to throw at me and try to figure out if its something that I think I can handle. Currently, I started Week 3 today (jog 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, jog 3 mins, walk 3 mins, repeat). I was able to make it through the 1st 3 minute run, but when I had to start over at 90 seconds again, I only made it about 45 seconds before I had to walk again. Week 4 looks to be pretty grueling. I have 2 more days in week 3 so I'm probably going to be repeating week 3 again until I can make it through the 3 minute run and the 90 second run. Are you running too fast? Is the pain in lower calves what makes you stop running? Have you tried fast walking when it gets hard? I know I had really bad pains in week 1 and even week 2. I know I just started week 3, but I notice a difference. The pain is still there, but it's not as bad. Keep going. Even a little bit of progress is still progress.
  7. I'm still using Map My Walk. I've been using it since I was just a walker, so I'm used to starting it when my exercise starts. I'm more interested in knowing my distance than speed. I like to go over the different routes I've taken and how long it has taken me to complete each one. When I become a runner, I guess I could switch apps, but I would probably still start it as soon as I walk out the door.
  8. Personally I think breathing 2 in and 1 out would be too fast for me. My friend, who runs half marathons, gave me the tip of 3 in and 2 out. I would use this technique when I was walking uphill and it definitely helped me get up the hill easier. Now that I started running, I don't count anymore, but I do try to slow down my breathing as I am running. You have to be more conscious of your breathing.
  9. Good afternoon everyone. I'm Wendy, 42 and I'm a first time runner. Wow! I feel like I joined a 12 step program (I guess I kinda did! lol). I started getting pains when I stood for long periods and I noticed that I would lag behind everyone when we would go places, so I decided to get into shape. I started walking about 2 years ago. My dog and I would take 3 mile walks 3 days a week. I enjoyed our walks, but they were getting tedious and they took forever! The other problem I have is that I don't have a well trained dog, so we have to walk either when it's dark outside or early in the morning. About a year ago I changed jobs. I used to get home later at night so we could take a walk later, but now I get out at 4 pm. It's too light out to walk when I get home and by the time it gets dark, I'm tired. So I decided to try getting up before work to exercise, but as I said, those 3 mile walks take forever! I would have to get up at 5 am to get through it. My only alternative is to try running. I figured that if I could run 3 miles, it would take a lot less time than walking and it would have more of an impact. Also, I started having hip pain during my walks. I would have to stop every so often to stretch to try to relieve some of the pain. I noticed that since I started running, the pain is gone. I used to dread going for my 3 mile walk because I knew it would hurt and take forever. Now I somewhat enjoy this challenge, mainly because of the day to day aspect of it. I know I'm not going to run a marathon tomorrow, or even a 5K, but I know that I'm accomplishing more than just sitting around. I don't mind waking up at 5:30 am to go do my exercise now. It's quiet at that hour and me and my dog can just do our thing in peace. It's also really satisfying when I'm done to know that I accomplished something before I even went to work. I have a friend who runs half marathons and she used to be just like me. She's my motivation. She told me about the struggles she had when she first started. She said she used to be a size 18 and now she's a size 8. She eats all the time, but she also runs, and she told me that she runs so she can eat. We all have to start somewhere, but I can't let it get me down. I don't want to go back to sitting around and being lazy. I want to be able to participate in life without pain and without feeling like I'm holding others back. I'm also a plus size girl. I've been this way for a few years and it would be nice to lose some weight, but I just want to feel better. Thank you for listening. I am really glad I found this forum. I needed a place to vent, share stories, get motivated and help others stay motivated.
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