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  1. FitKing all good points and info, Sleep is too often not thought about, drinking green tea or Oolong Tea, adding 5lb weights to any workout (even chair exercises) while walking etc. and sustainable food choices versus calories in a glass I agree on all points. Your a beast wth on your weight loss and staying true to your commitment to yourself!
  2. Lol you can do it try Stevia I like it and Iess guilt
  3. Hi Redneckbooda, the obvious is to set a daily calorie goal and work to meet that goal each day. 5 days ago I set a goal of 1200 calories a day and each day I blew through that goal by like 1600 calories over but each day I blew through it a little less by a few calories. To me that's a win! I also started to weigh myself every morning as soon as I brush my teeth. I write the date and weight and put it away in my bathroom cabinet. Why everyday? Well I read it's better for me to weigh myself every morning before I start my day as a reminder of my commitment to do better today! Each day you get
  4. I'm really starting at ground zero here and I have a bad back and bum ankle. After a very short period (like minutes) my lower back spasms and I have to sit where ever I am (even if it's on the curb) but the good news is that after a short break my back relaxes and I can get back up until the next spasm. The better news is that I've noticed in the past that if I continue this each day I can last longer between spasms so I'm encouraged by that reality. Running doesn't seem likely since my ankle doesn't have full ROM but if I can get to walking I know I'm doing my body good so my SMART goa
  5. CClem33 the past is behind you and the future is what ever you want it to be! That's what great about life, each day we wake up is a new opportunity to make the day whatever we want it to be. I'm 53 and the heaviest I've ever been so today is my day 1, we all have to start somewhere (even if it's starting over). It's always about timing and this time is the right time for you so stay positive and motivated.
  6. Good morning LeaseDTA, I'm new too just signed up saw your post (and no replies) and couldn't leave you hanging so welcome, good luck, stay positive, we can do this!
  7. Hi all I wanted to introduce myself, I'm Bella and just registered with this site. I saw someone on Facebook posting about this site and how she ran for 60 seconds and thought "huh 90 seconds"? Thinking it was a typo I didn't think much of it until she posted another odd timeframe. I then read the comments for that post and learned about this site and thought wow ok this makes sense so here I am. It sounded like a perfect place for me to start since running only happens "never" for me and the closest to running for me would be a brisk "holy cow it's raining cats and dogs and I have no umbrell
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