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  1. I am now up to 25 minutes - week 7 day 2 done!! I am slower than the 2.5 miles, and right now that lenght of time is tough but I am doing it. Don't be afraid to repeat days and weeks as needed - but also don't be afraid to push yourself to the next day.
  2. I have been doing C25K consistently for the past 2 weeks. Suddenly I'm at week 3 and it's really hard for me to get through 3 minutes of jogging. Day 1 &2 I cut the second time through a few seconds short because I just couldn't breathe. I'm a large person with weight to lose but not dieting just trying to eat healthy and drink more water. Sort of discouraged because week1&2 felt good. My legs hurt this week and I am whooped at end of "run" on week 3. Also I'm actually covering less distance on week 3 runs. Week 2 I had a pretty good Increase in distance. Should I forge ahead, or go back to week 2?
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