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  1. 57yo Male about 70# overweight de conditioned legs and just contracted Plantar Fasciitis. Ive been going to therapy for both and started C25K last week. I could only do 1/2 the routine. BUT TODAY! I completed the first full 1/2 hour of W1D1! I walked @ 2mph and jogged @ 2.6 for a total of 1.77 miles! Any advice as to when I'll know how to move up to week 2? I figure W1D1 will have me occupied for another week or so. What speed will be a good goal to set before moving up? Thanks!
  2. Good Luck! Im about 70# overweight. I have de-conditioned legs and now plantar fascitus. I ccan only do this when the feet feel good but today i did my first 1/2 hr workout! My jog speed was 2.6 and walk wads 2.0 and I ended up at 1.8 miles! If I can do this anybody can!
  3. Started today! Sw Pa here 57 yrs old M married w/3 young adults and 2 Beagles:) Hi all!
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