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  1. Hi, my original post was from June & I am pleased to say I graduated C25K in August, if you do the math it took a few weeks longer for me than some, but I'm 66, asthmatic & really did start from scratch, I hadn't run since school. I still can't run a 5k without a stop or 2, but my best time is a Parkrun in under 35 mins. Now that the cold weather is here I already struggle, so my runs are shorter & I am so much slower, but I will go out when I can. My goal is to be able to run a 10k next year. In short, use the C25k app & forums to help & guide you, you are the only person who can get you off the couch, but you are also the person who knows when to build on repeating stages, don't worry about how long it takes, provided you are honest with yourself you will progress. Well done.
  2. Hi Natcatvet, there is no failing, stop worrying about it, enjoy every minute of getting out & doing what you are doing. Well done keep it up.
  3. Hi Carut, you are doing so well. Give your mind a talking to, tell it you are in charge & you are going to give it a go, listen to some rocking beats not the voice that is telling you not to even try. You will do it & you will be surprised how well you do it because you have had a couple of weeks of training for it. Let us know how you get on, we are all cheering you.
  4. Welcome, hope you enjoy your journey to fitness, as an older graduate of this years C25K, my advice is take your time, listen to your body & enjoy it.
  5. Hi NATCAT, come and join us, we have all struggled at times, it took me 4 months to finish c25k, I am still quite slow, but I am so much fitter & healthier. If you chat to us we will get you motivated. The first steps are the most difficult after that it's a bit addictive, seeing a tick on each day completed in the app is such a buzz.
  6. Do it at your pace, a redo is just more training, don't feel that repeating, however often is a failure, it's not its just your body needs a bit more consolidation. Enjoy the satisfaction of completing day 3 of whatever week you are on, you earned a rest for a couple days.
  7. I'm 66, started from the couch & took 4 months to finish, to be honest I cannot run a 5k without a few breathing stops. Keep going at your own pace & enjoy getting fitter.
  8. Well done, keep that attitude & nothing can stop you. Marathon runner in the making.
  9. Your post should be edited to read 'I am running', well done, keep going.
  10. Hi & well done, I hope the tears were happy, they should be, you went out & did it. No one is going to fail you, remember, every time you go out you are getting fitter, repeat as often as you need to, no one else knows which week you are on its our secret!! Keep going, you are doing so well, remember how daunting Wk1 was, you can do it.
  11. I use map my run too, but I don't start it until I have done my 5 minute warm up walk, so I know exactly how far I have run, I stop it for the cool down too.
  12. How did you feel the 1st time you saw run for 5 minutes, or 10 minutes?, you will get there, it may take a few runs, but each time you have a go you know you are getting fitter. There is no penalty for trying!! Get some really rocking music & sing along in your head, try to get into a steady rhythm, it doesn't have to be fast. Do you need to carry water?, if you are still working up to 5k you may be too aware of the water in your hand & stopping for a sip unnecessarily. Well done & keep it up. There will be lots of support for you here.
  13. Go for it, you will find plenty of support from other runners & Parkrun officials. You run to your own pace & comfort, you will find many people will walk more than run. Enjoy the experience, next time you get the chance you will have a good idea of how it works & how you coped. If you have registered already DFYBC. Let us know how you got on, have fun & enjoy your post run coffee.
  14. I am so pleased, it has taken 4 months, but I kept going, I have lost weight & gained fitness & shape. I am going to have a go at 10K, I have the app downloaded already.
  15. I graduated C25K today, it has taken 4 months, I still have loads of room for improvement, but you do it at your own pace, bear in mind when it comes down to it you put the app on your phone & you are out there doing it, we'll done. Repeat as often as needed, rest & recover frequently. Come back to this forum to celebrate your successes & we will support you if it gets difficult.
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