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  1. Did it! 5K on a fairly hilly course in 34 minutes and 42 seconds. Rather pleased and proud of myself!
  2. I love a quote on here that I keep repeating to myself; 'The pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret'. I actually replace the word 'discipline' with 'running'. I've found it really hard to keep going some days (or even get out of bed in the first place!) My regret would be putting back on the weight I've lost, feeling unfit, having less energy and going back to the dark days post baby. Keep going, you can do it!
  3. I started running after baby number 2, I need to be able to keep up with my boys! This app has been brilliant for me as I'm not too good at taking it slowly either!
  4. Probably about 2.6 miles within the actual running bit today but I was going faster than I have before and am suffering the consequences now!
  5. Did W7D2 today and did 5K if I include the warm up and cool down. Definitely going to try the Parkrun at the weekend now!
  6. I've just finished week 6 and am fairly comfortable running for 20+ minutes (as long as I don't go too fast!). I've found a local 5K Parkrun that I could try on Saturday if I'm feeling brave. I won't normally be able to make it as I wouldn't have childcare but this weekend I have some so could give it a go. Do you think I should have a go or should I wait until I finish the C25K program? I'd be interested to see what kind of time I'm running it in. On the other hand, it could be a complete disaster!
  7. Slow down your running a bit. I was struggling with week 4, but slowed down and persisted and I'm on to week 7 now
  8. I found that turning my phone around so I couldn't see the display, putting some good music on, not running too fast and running different routes every day helped me. Also repeating the mantra 'everyone else is still in bed ' pushes me on, or just depresses me if it's cold and dark! Good luck!
  9. I run Map My Run in the background. You have to start it just before the Zen app. Seems fairly reliable.
  10. I use an arm band but I turn the phone around so that I can't see the display. Can't finish if I start clock watching!
  11. If that fails, uninstall, reinstall.
  12. At the end of week 2 I looked at week 3 and thought 'no way can I run for 3 minutes' and I managed it. Same thought about the 5 minute runs in week 4, but apparently I can do it and I ran both sets, even though the second one was uphill! So proud of myself! Just got to do it again on Wednesday and Friday!
  13. My friend did a Boxercise class this morning and she heard someone say 'Sweat is fat crying'. Love it, I'm going to remember that when I'm dripping with sweat after a run!
  14. Take That 'Shine'. It's my 'I'm getting that job at the interview '/ 'My baby's coming home from hospital '/ 'I can finish writing that essay'/ 'if I can do all that, surely I can do a bit of running ' song!
  15. I turned my phone over in its case today so I couldn't see the screen- so much easier as I wasn't constantly clock watching!
  16. Love that quote about 'pain of discipline ' I may have to write that on a sticker above the alarm clock to get me shifting in the morning!
  17. Don't be frightened of the rain, I went out the other day in the drizzle and really enjoyed it. Went a bit slower so I didn't slip but thought I'd better get used to it if I want to run beyond September in England!
  18. I find the morning before anyone else is up works best for me. It gets it over and done with and sets me up for the day - no snacking or bad eating because I don't want to undo my hard work. If I leave it until later in the day other stuff gets in the way. Good luck!
  19. I was looking at jogging pushchairs but then thought that I actually enjoy the peace and quiet of leaving the kids with Daddy and having a bit of me time!
  20. Don't worry about being slow! I am too but I keep telling myself 'I'm lapping everyone who's sat at home on the sofa!'
  21. I'm refusing to look, that way it can't freak me out! Take it one day at a time, good luck!
  22. Sorry, seem to have posted this twice, getting frustrated with my slow phone!
  23. Hi, I tried a bit of running before I got married, 5 years ago but absolutely hated it! After having my second baby 7 months ago, I knew I had to do something to reduce my ever growing waistline and improve my (non-existent) fitness levels. As it was winter I didn't really fancy running, so I started walking everywhere, mainly so that the sprog would sleep! Gradually the weight dropped off and by June I had lost 2 and a half stone. Just the last stone that would stubbornly not shift, so I decided that I would attempt some running. I thought it had to be easier than last time as my fitness levels were much better. I didn't want to go charging around as I'd fail before I even started so I'm so glad I found this app. It makes me less competitive with myself and making me pace myself. Just completed W2D1 and feeling really positive about running.
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