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  1. from what I remember, we went to the iFit website and did it from there. Sorry, it's been a while, and didn't work that great. Still better than what was programmed in to the treadmill.... wifi connection. Augy
  2. Aloha Diamond. I have fond memories of running in different places on oahu. (30+ years ago). I've set a goal to treat myself to come back to visit, and run a 10K race, when I reach that point in my training.. It'll be a while, as I'm on week 2 of the 5k, but that is one of the carrots I'm dangling for myself. Welcome aboard from another newbie.... we GOT THIS!
  3. Just wondering if anyone is using a backpack style hydration system like a camelbak. I've used one while Sea-Kayaking and it worked well. I am concerned they would bounce around too much or be too hot on the back while running. Any experiences? Also considering a belt style hydration system.
  4. We figured out how to make a C25K workout routine to download to the treadmill but no way to sync to the App. Still works okay if you start them at the same time, although it gets a little out of sync near the end. Still, better than manually changing speeds on the treadmill machine during the run. We'll be moving outdoors when the weather gets better. (on to week 2!)
  5. Hey Kelly Ann! I rode my Indian through Wellington last summer! Did a route along the Walker river then up through your neck of the woods to catch 395 north of Lake Topaz. (if I remember correctly.) I will surely let you know well in advance of any Runs we plan to attend here in Reno. We both will finish up week 1 tonight, so we should be ready by Spring. 5K's pop up all summer long around here. We would Love to have you Join us. Anybody else too! Go Team "C25K"!
  6. Thanks Kelly, What I was looking for was just a treadmill program I could download that would automatically shift speeds on the treadmill itself. I hadn't thought about a way to sync it to the App as well. Manually changing speeds on the treadmill is difficult to do during the workout. I haven't figured out how to program the treadmill for a custom workout or if it's possible.... I'm Happy to report my wife started the C25K program with me. We hope to hit some of the Fun Runs here in Reno this year.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has found a C25K program to download to an iFit enabled treadmill. It's a little awkward to switch speeds manually. I've searched the Web with no luck. Thanks. W1D2 Tomorrow! Siked!
  8. Well after a little scare, and a trip to the E.R. last week, I got the okay from the Cardiologist to get started on the treadmill. I just completed my W1-D1. I have to pay close attention to my target heart rate, so I found myself jogging so slow it looked more like a Prancersise. LOL! It's a Start, and I'm looking forward to improving, however long it takes.
  9. I got fitted for, and purchased a new pair of running shoes at a running store. All Set! tomorrow is day 1. FORWARD!
  10. Sounds like a Great Tip. I'm doing my Week-1/Day-1 routine tomorrow. I think I'll give this a try! Excited to get started!
  11. I just Downloaded the C25K app. looking forward to getting started! I need to get a decent pair of shoes and find a good route nearby. I've already been walking a mile twice a week and want to step it up. My first goal is to complete week One.
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